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SVOboy 03-26-09 08:40 PM

Plants now twittering for water
Sounds like one of the weirdest things I've recently heard but one of you might appreciate it: Un-TreeHugger: Botanicalls Now Allows Your Plants to Tweet For Water : TreeHugger

Daox 03-27-09 07:29 AM

That is very odd, but I imagine if your not a good at keeping your plants alive it could be worth it.

My wife works as an interior gardener. They don't bother using those electronic soil wetness testers. She was told that they don't work all that great. So, they use a tool that is really just a bar with some notches cut in it. You shove it in the soil and when you pull it back up, there is soil in the notches from the various depths. Its pretty quick and easy to see how wet the entire pot is.

RobbieWT 03-27-09 09:07 AM

Twitter is taking over the world! As long as the mortality rate of house plants goes down, I guess it's cool. Or people can start with low maintenance plants like cactus.

Higgy 03-27-09 10:01 AM

That seems kind of weird. That piece of electronics sticking out behind the plant would annoy me too. It doesn't sit well with me. I like my things looking natural and feeling natural. Plus...if it's dry, you water it. Unless you're talking about specialty plants like, as Robbie said, cactus which don't need much water or bonzai which need to be kept moist.

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