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toyobug 09-25-08 11:59 AM

Tony Raine- i like your last idea of connecting them top and bottom. I can't wait to build them.

dremd 09-28-08 08:31 AM

I have one at my camp already; but it is leaking . . . . . And my pressure pump got re-allocated to become a booster pump at my house .. . . Need to get on that (1000+ gallons)

And I want to build one for my Bio-Diesel setup, but am not yet sure how I'm going to distribute/ collect water in to / from 55 gallon barrels

toyobug 09-28-08 10:24 AM

where's your camp dremd?

dremd 09-28-08 10:30 AM


Originally Posted by toyobug (Post 416)
where's your camp dremd?

it is in grand bois, which is south of between breax bridge and Henderson.
When I'm on a pc I'll edit this post with a link to my cistern there.

Higgy 10-02-08 03:03 PM

One of the things I would love to do is have a type of eco roof that doesn't have contaminants in it so that water coming down could be used for more then just garden water. I'd love to be able to hook up a system so that rainwater gets sent down into your basement in the summer and is stored there to be used for flushing toilets, bathing, showering, cleaning dishes, etc... as well as watering the garden and lawn.

dremd 10-02-08 07:23 PM

Here's the thread over on ecomodder

toyobug 10-04-08 02:51 AM

Higgy- I had the same thought. My plan was to basically have two types of plumbing systems in the house I build to retire at.
1st- "potable" system would provide water for consumption uses= dishes, showers, sinks, laundry. The drains from these would go to the holding tank. The tank will then be plumbed to supply water to the garden and supplying the necessary water for toilet flushing.
2nd- waste water from toilet flushing would be the only thing that goes to the septic system.
Any suggestions from anyone?

Daox 10-04-08 08:44 AM

Doesn't sound like a bad idea to me. You should be able to hook up a simple pump to the holding tank and activate it with a float switch (or mount a swith to the float already in the toilet). You may have to filter the water to lengthen pump life.

dremd 10-04-08 06:21 PM

Here's the filter I have on mine
Sediment Filter

For Gray water re-use in toilets you could either use the harbor freight pump that I use
Harbor Freight Tools - Quality Tools at the Lowest Prices
(Goes on sale for $59)

Or a much more energy efficient RV pump Such as (or equivalent)
Save at RV Partscenter - RV Parts and Supply

toyobug 10-05-08 09:52 AM

I forgot to mention in my last post that it woud be nice to have one of those septic systems that filters the waste you so you can use the water that comes out the field
lines to water your lawn. I've heard some say it's safe to drink, but I think I would have a mental block if I tried to drink it. :eek:
Does anyone know what those types of systems are called? I've been searching but can't seem to find what I'm looking for.

dremd- I'm not familiar with grand bois, but I assume it's in the Achafalaya basin? I know where Breaux Bridge is. I bet there's awesome fishing around there. My dad and I always fish the Calcasieau river when I visit.
Thanks for the links about the pumps.

Daox- I like the idea of putting the switch in the tank to use the water from the holding tank.

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