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Drake 04-13-18 10:37 PM

Modern sensor lighting
I'm at the point in my eco build to be planning lighting and the wiring to control it. It is a very open floor plan with multiple egress point to most main rooms(so lots of _way switches if traditional wiring). I know of of motion sensing lights knowing where they will be used and of IR wall switches that can sense occupancy. Are there ceiling area lights that will not go off in if a room is occupied without motion. I want to minimize wiring as much as possible without going bluetooth on too many things. I will be using two remote controlled fans w/light(one each floor). Finding many motion options but not sure if IR is a component of both motion and occupancy feature. Accent and localized reading/work lighting will be traditional.

oil pan 4 04-14-18 04:14 PM

I have never seen an IR occupancy sensor that won't keep a light on without at least some movement.

Elcam84 06-10-18 10:11 AM

There are ones now that have a radar ish type system that work better than the IR. But in my experience with sensors for lights you end up wasting more on the tech to turn the lights on and off than you would on electricity. Especially with the lower wattage of modern lights.

Drake 12-28-18 08:25 PM

It is not the energy efficiency that is most important(thought they need to be LED) but the ease and unneeded wiring required for several multi way switching wanted.

jkp1187 02-16-19 06:14 PM

I recommend looking into Zigbee programmable LED lights. I’m using Philips Hue lightbulbs they are a little pricey but have the benefit of working with motion sensors or just turning on or off per a preset schedule. Lots of ways to mke it work.

If you don’t feel like changing out the lightbulbs though, you can also look into the Lutron Caseta programmable switches. Direct replacement for current switches, you know neutral wire or ground required. Can use with motion sensors, or program a schedule

Elcam84 04-05-19 01:45 PM

We have switched out our lighting to LED as the old ones fail or a new fixture is installed. The main benefit is not the cost savings but the better color light and higher CRI. I hate those old yellow dingy bulbs. White light is much easier on the eyes as yellow makes it harder to see. Human eyes are used to white light from the sun.

As for touch lights... Well they were common in the 70s and 80s and IMO should be left there. It's neat but few see the use of it.

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