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walterr 12-09-18 03:40 AM

What other hobbies do you have?
Thread title says it all.
What other hobbies do you have?

pinballlooking 12-09-18 06:28 AM

We ride our jet skies and boat. We love to play our pinball machines.

NiHaoMike 12-09-18 11:31 PM

DIY electronics, embedded programming, FPGA programming, and cryptocurrency mining are just a few that come to mind.

Recently got into the ESP32 and I actually found a bug in the stable branch of the libraries. I decided to use it for the application processor in a smart energy storage system similar to a scaled down version of a Powerwall.

Still a beginner at FPGAs, but I managed to score a deal on some LX150 boards. Not sure what exactly I'm going to use them for - something that involves video would probably be the answer. I'm definitely learning a lot just playing with Verilog code. Just for fun, I'm trying to implement a Chip's Challenge-like game without a CPU.

The cryptocurrency mining is slowly dying off with difficulty rising, but I have two setups that still make a decent profit, albeit only making about $17/month each.

stevehull 12-14-18 08:55 PM

I am restoring a '74 chrome bumper, wire wheel MGB roadster. 100% analog and is the apex of what naturally aspirated cars could do back then. Dual SU carbs, point distributor (remember "dwell meters"), a sweet engine note, 4 speed trany, and a blast to drive.

Not a fancy concourse car, nor a daily driver.

Often, I am in awe when I see how the original engineering teams solved problems. Other times, I get real pissed when I see when they didn't think it through.

It is my physical therapy and a LOT of mental therapy! Keeps my mind off my health issues, chemo, etc.

CrankyDoug 12-15-18 02:50 PM

Hang in there Steve. I know how health issues can wreck an otherwise good retirement. My physical/mental therapy is PLC programming and fixing CNC equipment for my former employer. The owner and I are old friends so I get special treatment in the shop. They were even nice about rebuking me for wearing house slippers to work.

I also do some consulting for another former employer. Can't brag about it much as we are still working on patent protection. It's mostly embedded programming, of which I know almost nothing. Kinda strange - I did my university studies in mechanical engineering, yet most of what I do now is electrical.

Of course the house remodelling is only 80% complete. It keeps the rain and bugs out so I'll probably leave the last 20% for the next unsuspecting soul who wants a fixer-upper.

elozio32 05-21-19 06:50 AM

Going car trips with the kids, playing some blues :thumbup:

AC_Hacker 06-11-19 02:56 PM

Taxidermy, upholstery repair, amateur rocketry, and raising miniature horses.

jeff5may 06-28-19 07:50 AM

Well, you know, I have a lot of hobbies. I found one that pays for all of the others. That would be appliance repair.

Due to the shakedown in the industry, and the disposable attitude of users, the stuff made in the last decade or so just isn't as durable as the older units. Life expectancy has fallen from 20 plus years to around 10 if you're blessed, 8 if you're lucky, and less than 5 if you aren't. With the advent of the social marketplace, there are always a lot of broken down units available for beer money or free. Couple hours of diagnose and replace later, and I can list the things for 3 figures and people come running to purchase them. Washers, dryers, refrigerators, and window AC units move quickest.

My main "fun" hobbies are building hot rods and rat rods (1947 Chevy sedan delivery in progress now), analog audio gear scratch builds (6V6 push pull guitar amp is my youngest son's reference to which he compares potential pro audio gear upgrades), and making useful, durable stuff out of things otherwise headed to the landfill (wood fort swingset converted to a luxurious dog condominium).

People say I'm ADHD and insane. I've always got at least 3 projects going on at once, a few after the sale service issues to deal with, and a waiting list of things to do. The line between work and play is somewhat muddy in my life. I have friends and previous customers stopping by whenever for advice or help. I'm a firm believer in the motions that you only live once and what goes around comes around. Take care of people and they will take care of you.

PreyGirl 10-05-20 08:31 PM

I love to play online games and watch the tv series.

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