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Daox 03-25-12 09:42 AM

Sleep Number matress
Our old mattress was getting uncomfortable a while ago. So we had started looking at possible replacements. We ended up deciding on a Sleep Number mattress. For those who don't know, a Sleep Number mattress is basically an inflatable mattress with a few inches of foam on top. It allows your weight to be more evenly distributed over the bed and is quite comfortable. You can adjust the air pressure in the mattress to adjust it to your liking so it is as firm or soft as you like it. It also allows you and the mrs (if you have one) to adjust your sides to two different settings. We got ours on Friday, and so far it has been wonderful.

However, I was a little concerned about the power consumption of the bed. I mean it has an air pump that pumps up the bed, and a wireless remote control to adjust things when you desire. The one thing that gave me comfort in its energy consumption is that the sales lady said you can completely unplug it once you find out what you like the bed set to. She said that that is what she has done with hers.

In any case, I just tested out the bed this morning to see what kind of power draw was going on. With everything at idle, the kill a watt reported 0W of power consumption which is great. With the pump running it was using a whopping 20W, and if you let air out of the bed it used ~14W for a few seconds. I'll probably unplug the bed after we do find out how we like things adjusted just to completely kill power consumption, but its not a big deal in the interim. Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that power consumption isn't really an issue at all with the bed.

OffGridKindaGuy 03-26-12 04:46 AM

I have one connected to an inverter. You gotta turn the power on/off/on to reset everything so the remote works. Just an fyi..

WisJim 03-19-14 08:35 PM

I have twice stayed at a hotel that had sleep number mattresses in our rooms, both times for 4 night stays, and I wasn't impressed with either mattress. It just wasn't firm enough for me and didn't give me enough support to keep my back from aching by morning. Also, during one of the stays the mattress air pump would run for a few seconds every hour or so.

Daox 03-20-14 07:32 AM

I wouldn't put them in a hotel room. You kind of have to find what works for you and it takes a few nights to dial it in. Even then, I change mine every month or two by a little bit.

WisJim 03-20-14 09:09 AM

I thought that I might get used to them in 4 nights, but I didn't. I've never had that problem any other time, even with shorter stays in hotels, motels, or with friends. But you are right that you should probably give a new mattress a month before you decide if it is the right one for you.

AC_Hacker 03-20-14 11:01 AM

Regarding mattresses, I got a new one a few years back, and after exhaustive searching, I found this place Foam Factory.

They sell all kinds of foam for all kinds of applications and their prices are very reasonable.

I was particularly interested in a memory foam mattress. They will build a mattress any way you want it, with any kind of foam you want, and they list the various foams in engineering terms (under "RESOURCES"), which I found to be particularly helpful.

I got the 5 pound foam bed which proved to be a bit firm, but I have "civilized" it with a more yielding topper.

My gal got the 4 pound, with the memory foam layer being 4", which made a very nice bed.

But it all depends on your body mass.

They offer a "terry cloth cover" which I would advise to everyone.

* I must warn that a temperature sensitive foam bed in an unheated bedroom can become extremely firm until it's warmed up. *

A winter-time heated mattress pad on a timer makes it just wonderful.



papitohead 04-14-16 11:19 AM

When it comes to sleeping, I don't try to save very much. Just look for the best product at the lowest price. The way I figure, I spend one third of my life in bed, so is very important to me how comfortable is my bed.

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