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paul wheaton 11-06-17 05:43 PM

rocket mass heater
I found this forum from another forum. I thought there would be a bunch of rocket mass heater discussion and I could join in. As is, I see some rocket mass heater hot water stuff and some jean pain stuff ....

I just finished hosting a big, global rocket mass heater event and it came up "why don't more people know about rocket mass heaters?" So ... as long as I'm here ... this forum seems like the sort of place where there would be a lot of discussion about rocket mass heaters. Any thoughts as to why there is so little?

ME_Andy 12-21-17 08:54 AM

Y'all, we are in the presence of an "internet celebrity." The inventor of the Wheaton Eco Scale I'm about a level 2, aspiring towards level 3.

But about stoves. I see your rocket heater and raise you a smoke-free catalytic soapstone stove.

paul wheaton 12-21-17 09:07 AM

While your soapstone stove will use less wood than a conventional stove, I suspect that a rocket mass heater will use less wood than the soapstone stove. I would bet that a rocket mass heater would use about a third the wood of the soapstone stove.

As evidence, I present:

NeilBlanchard 03-24-18 10:08 AM

I am very interested in either a rocket mass heater, or a biochar retort. I really want to produce biochar, to sink carbon and vastly improve the soil, at the same time.

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