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pinballlooking 12-18-21 12:06 PM

Bought a lift table 4 x 4
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I bought a 4’ x 4’ lift table. It will lift 2000 pounds. The arm supports are ” steel.
It is hydraulic lift. 600 pounds. I am going to turn it into a welding table.
My back will thank me :)
They sell new $4,000 I picked this on up for $800.
The sell the same one today and still sell parts for it.

I took the board off the top. Do not need to start a fire.

next month I will pick up this just the top.
4' x 4' and put this on top of it of the lift table.
It should make fabrication much better.

pinballlooking 12-20-21 09:59 AM

I got this lift table off the pallet and used it some over the weekend.

I love this thing. It is so easy to get what you are welding at a good height.

I used it when I cleaned up my buckets it made that quicker also.

I can’t wait to get the fixture table put on it.

The boards were just double sided taped on they came off pretty quickly.

pinballlooking 01-07-22 12:38 PM

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This table is amazing. I love it and it has really helped my welding because I can get it in a conformable position.

The fixture table will take a couple more weeks. It is laser cut and the cutter is moving to a new building and only the top is cut so far. These fixture tops are expensive but I did a labor trade to save money. Need to keep the business profitable.
But I am still using the table most every day.

Such a great add to the shop.

pinballlooking 06-01-22 10:37 AM

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I have the fixture table but just need time to weld it up.
This lift table was the best purchase. It is amazing to use.
It is so nice to reposition the work and not your body.
The lazar cuts so clean.

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