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pinballlooking 06-07-21 07:43 AM

I built a part cooling rack.
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I saw a listing on Market place angle iron they recovered from an old building.
It was listed for $5 and I bought it. It had a couple 1/4" 7' pieces and a few other smaller pieces.

I have been needing a new cooling rack for powder coated parts.
I used a couple old rotors from my Tahoe they are very heavy and will keep the rack from falling over when loading.

The steps are 1/4" steel and take a while to cool. A lot of the other parts are 1/8" and cool much faster.

I also built some more cooking racks with rebar and expanded metal.
Now I have 4 places for parts to cool and 5 cooking racks.

It is always fun to use stuff that would go to the landfill to make useful stuff.
Keeping cost down always helps.

Daox 06-07-21 08:41 AM

Great reuse of materials. :thumbup:

pinballlooking 06-28-21 05:09 PM

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My cooling rack holding at least 150 pounds no problem.

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