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Daox 05-05-21 04:38 PM

USB or other 2+ channel temperature datalogger
Does anyone know of any reasonably priced (cheap) 2+ channel dataloggers that dump a file to your computer? Ideally something USB would be great. I am currently doing some testing with a 2 channel temperature gauge with k-type thermocouples and I just check it every 5 minutes. However, it would be really nice to have it automated.

NiHaoMike 05-05-21 11:18 PM

Arduino + thermocouple ADC board.

Daox 05-06-21 09:02 AM

I wasn't even aware there were thermocouple boards for the arduino. Thanks Mike!

castlusion 06-24-21 03:08 PM

They are using raspberry pi 3 to read temperature and humidity in some garden build I am sure swapping the code you could read 2 temperatures if you wanted record and send to computer. they hook then right off of the pins with a resister to get it in the ranges they want. pie 3 boards and equipment have gone down in price sense pi 4 is out. Good luck on your project.

Mukiwa 06-24-21 03:35 PM

how about for someone who has no idea how to do any of that stuff and just wants a plug an play temperature logger. I would like to put a unit in the greenhouse and out outside to keep track of how my greenhouse is working as well as how any changes I make affect it.

JRMichler 06-24-21 03:52 PM

Onset Computer makes several temperature and temperature/humidity dataloggers. I have used several of their products and have been very pleased. Their user interface is one of the best I have ever seen. Plug into the computer, click the icon, tell it what you want it to do, unplug, and go. Link:

Their USB models are easy to upload data from. Plug a USB cable into the logger and computer, click the icon, and upload. Their Bluetooth models are just as easy to upload to a cell phone. Tap the icon while standing within range (several feet), select which logger, upload, then email the data file. The data files are text files.

The above comments apply to their temperature data loggers. I'm less impressed with their rain gauges.

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