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pinballlooking 03-16-21 03:19 PM

I am going to look at/buy forklift tomorrow.
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It is a older Clark C500 30 3,000 pound lift.
It has 3100 hours on it. He tells me it runs good and no cylinder leaks.
(I have read the average lifespan of a forklift is 10,000 hours)

It is propane powered. With solid pneumatic tires.
It needs a starting battery.

I need to be able to get steel delivers. My side business is taking a life of its own. I do not really have time to pick up steel. I can cut much thicker steel with my 85 amp cutter.
But I can not lift anything heaver than 1/2" right now. This lift would allow me more options.

I have never owned a forklift any advice looking at it or in general?

Most of the ones that are a decent price have hard tires. I do not have cement everywhere.
This one is a comprise sure bigger tires would be nice but I do not need a very big lift.

I have a rollback lined up to get it home.

Fordguy64 03-19-21 06:53 PM

Did you get it?

pinballlooking 03-20-21 07:45 AM

He had it moved on a rollback. They messed up the steering. He is fixing it then I can go try/buy it. He was working on it yesterday hopefully I will be able to see it today or tomorrow.

I have more info brakes work. Tilt cylinders do not leak. Main cylinder seeps some fluid. It spent most of its life at a historic house and grounds. Then a factory that sold burlap bags. Then this guy bought it to open a welding business but now he is going to open a restaurant so he selling welding stuff.

pinballlooking 03-26-21 11:17 AM

There is a pivot pin in the steering that had a bad bering. It also messed up the pin. He had to take out the whole back axle to get the pin out.
Parts are on order I should be able to get next weekend.

He texted me and said I have been very patient with him and it is mine.
I am excited to get it.

pinballlooking 04-05-21 03:50 PM

I did not buy this forklift the seller was not honest with the issues it had.
It developed a bad leak on the mast cylinder it looked like that it would need rebuilt and rechromed.
This is about 1,400 at the cheapest shop I could find but the best shop also.
Then the steering he fixed he did a axx job did not replace the bottom bearing and did not cut the grove for the snap ring.
Just tacked welded it. I would have to redo it all. Needed a new started switch everything on it needed adjust or fixed. It had a flat tire with the others were cut.
I am still looking at this point.

I am not sure why people are not honest about condition not like I would not notice when I looked at it. Pictures that were provided were very old.

MetroMPG 04-26-21 01:09 PM

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I once bought a forklift!

But only to strip the guts out of it to built an electric car. :D

Good luck on your search. Nice problem to be busy!

(All the gory details: )

pinballlooking 04-26-21 01:18 PM

Very cool.

pinballlooking 04-26-21 01:33 PM

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It is around 1987 ish These old forklifts are built very solid.

Forklift quest update. I found a local forklift mechanic he found me one that needs work. His shop is behind his house low overhead. he is doing this one like a side job so it will take a little longer to get it.
He found another forklift that had a motor he took out to rebuild for this one.
It is a HYSTER H50XL 5,000 pound lift.

He is rebuilding motor head to machine shop crank to machine shop.
The works oil pump pistons water pump bearings…
Transmission is good but he is rebuilding it while he has motor out.
Tilt cylinders getting rebuilt. Main lift cylinder getting rebuilt. It just had a brake job.
4 new tires. It runs duel fuel but I will just run propane.

Not pretty but it is in my budget and he is giving me a really good deal.
I have actually looked at this one. I wish it was a little smaller but it should do everything I need.

(My forklift lifts to much weight said no-one ever.)

This was my steel pick up last week.

Steel has doubled in price since last year. This is $2,500 worth of steel.

I have been making root rippers for subcompact backhoes.
I use ” steel for the top plate and the blade. I will probably move to 5/8” or ” once I have my forklift.

Here is one made with 3/4" steel blade for a higher HP tractor.

I would like to start cutting 3/4" plate for companies. It is good money you do not have to sandblast or powder coat it.
I can not lift a full 4' x 8' plate 3/4" right now. I can cut it with my setup just not lift it.
This forklift will solve that. I can also load customer trailer of truck with the 3/4" I cut for them.

Not everyone can handle or cut that thick steel that is why there is more money in it.

Clev 04-26-21 03:58 PM

That's cool. The only problems I see with the propane ones is when they aren't used often. My dad has one and has to fiddle with it every time he wants to use it because it's been sitting for months. Well, that and having poorly tuned ones running in an enclosed warehouse and stinking up the place. Doesn't look like you'll have either of those problems.

pinballlooking 04-26-21 05:36 PM

The forklift Mechanic told me that if I run diesel then I could have those issues but if I run propane, I won't have those issues.
I will be using it some each week.

The issue I will have is I do not have a good place to keep it under cover.
Maybe under the solar awning.

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