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pinballlooking 09-02-20 03:32 PM

I bought a big HF welding cart.
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This is a very nice cart not the normal Harbor Freight stuff. With coupon it was $300 miller wants $700 for duel cylinder cart. (No Thank you)

Lots of good reviews on this. It holds two gas cylinders and a decent amount of storage.
I will put my new welder on it and my old plasma cutter on it and maybe my old welder.

I got a Miller Multmatic 255 it is 5-350 amp it does mig pulse and aluminum pulse.
I really needed a welder that can handle ” steel welding and less clean up after welding.
We have been selling a fair amount root rippers ” steel and as a second job I need to be faster and better.

Pulse mig welding.
I have out grown my Hobart 210 for a while now. The are so many choices it was not a simple decision on what to upgrade to. I would have liked to wait for the new rebates but I really need this now. My son is in College now and he was my main helper. I need to do more with less. We have all heard that before.:)

The new welder needs C10 gas 90% argon and 10% CO2. (For pulse mig)
But I will still new Argon for aluminum. This welder will take 44 pound mig wire spool that will save time and some money.

It will do handle a push pull gun for aluminum but they are $$$

I bought a 10' MDX gun and U grove roller for aluminum.

I don't do much aluminum but that should work for what I will do.
I may sell my old spool gun for my Hobart 210 it was so so for aluminum.

They say pulse mig is a whole new ballgame. The big 250 amp MDX weld gun feels different.
I never welded with .45 before so I need some time on this to get a feel for it all.
I have high expectations for it.

This welder will do stick, DC Tig, Mig and pulse mig /pulse mig aluminum
I will be only using the mig features for now anyway but it was not much more money to have the other options and you really never no what will be next project will be. So options are good.

WoodBurner 09-14-20 02:53 PM

Nice welder, Pinballlooking, that should melt some metal! I like that cart to keep it neat as well-


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