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pinballlooking 08-19-20 08:46 PM

I picked up a 40 ton press today
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I picked up a 40 ton press today off market place for $230.
It is funny it is pneumatic but they never connected up air to it.
I also got victor torch, hose and gauges for $50
We make a lot of dimples on our 20 ton press but " Max's it out this one should be much better.
We will use the other one just as a metal brake now.
This is not my shop.

Daox 08-20-20 06:29 PM

You're going to have a full metal shop pretty soon! Nice pickup.

pinballlooking 08-20-20 06:42 PM

Thanks, it has been a wild ride this summer. We are at gross sales over 27K so far. Not real big for a full-time business but a lot for a side business.

I have all my equipment paid off now so I need to find equipment deals so I can make profit.

When I say paid off the metal business borrowed money from my primary business.
The metal business has paid my other business back. The money was not borrowed in the traditional sense.

pinballlooking 06-16-21 01:47 PM

I did not keep this more than a year. It really worked great.

I bought those two new presses I sure do not need 4 presses.
I sold this one on marketplace today for $675. Not a bad profit plus this money can go towards the two 55 ton presses. They drove from outside Birmingham Alabama 5 1/2 hours one way to get it.

Crazy but they brought cash so it works for me.

Daox 06-16-21 02:48 PM

Sounds like a great deal for you. Nicely done!

pinballlooking 06-16-21 03:33 PM

Thanks, it takes my other presses $1500 - 675 down to $825.

The other thing they sent him in dually truck that got 10.5 miles to the gallon.
The press was only 525 pounds.

The press I sold is 1300 plus tax new. If you needed one it was not a bad deal.

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