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NeilTheCop 08-04-14 05:49 PM

No load turbine speed
I can't find a definitive answer on the internet so I hope the forum can help.
What would be the approximate shaft RPM of a 2 meter horizontal 3 blade mill in an 8MPH wind with no load, just free rotation?

An odd question, but I am putting an idea together to see if it is viable:thumbup:

stevehull 08-04-14 09:13 PM

Could be as high as several hundred rpm - depending on bearing friction.


Ryland 08-05-14 08:11 AM

Blade design and pitch is going to dictate the free spinning speed to a point.
It also depends on what style of over-speed protection it has.

NeilTheCop 08-20-14 05:27 PM

I can bore you with my plan, which may help answer the question. I could do with some input before I expend too much energy or worse, money:D

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