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Daox 03-17-12 06:31 PM

EZ Wire II charge controller
My father in law pulled one out of someone's house (hes and electrician) and asked me if I wanted it. It appears to be a 3 phase voltage regulator like an alternator would have since there are three inputs from the wind turbine. It has a knob that goes from 27 to 37 volts. So, I'm guessing it can be used on a 24/36V setup, although 37V is too low a charge voltage for a 36V system. The top vented part is filled with a few very large resistors. It also has a switch that reads "brake on" / "brake off". It appears to be made by Southwest Windpower.

Other than that, I haven't been able to find much info online about it. Is anyone familiar with this charge controller?

Here is a googled image:

Daox 03-19-12 01:00 PM

I found a bit more info on the charge controller. I'm not certain what I'll do with it... From additional information it looks like I have a 24V controller. Oddly, this allows me to crank the voltage all the way up to 37V though! Thats incredibly high for a 24V system.

So, I guess my question to the others is how else do you think I can use this thing? It seems as though the 3 phase input is just going through a bridge rectifier to turn it into DC power. So, I should be able to bypass that and use this thing as a normal charge controller with a DC input if I wanted (not that I have an application, just thinking out loud). Sound right?

Piwoslaw 03-19-12 01:20 PM

Maybe it can be used with other power generators (not just wind gennies) like micro-hydro, exercise bike, or an alternator coupled to an IC engine?

Daox 03-19-12 03:48 PM

Yeah thats kind of what I was thinking.

I believe it was paired with a 1000W wind turbine, so it should be able to handle some decent amps.

herlichka 03-19-12 06:54 PM

I'm just guessing, but is it possible that the 37V upper limit is open circuit voltage, and maybe high to allow for line losses?

Daox 03-19-12 08:18 PM

Eh, I don't think so. It specifically says "When the battery bank voltage increases to a level set by the user, regulation occurs." There doesn't appear to be any other way to adjust any voltage level besides the big dial on it.

Nellie44Militello 05-28-13 02:51 PM

As per details, I understand that it converts wind energy to electricity. The generated electricity is used to charge the battery bank. EZ-Wire accepts AC input from wind turbine and gives DC output. This DC output can be used for various applications.

nexsuperne 05-29-13 07:55 AM

On a 24 volt system, I wouldn't let it go higher than 30 volts maximum, 29V would be better. My 48 volt system dumps the excess power at 58.0 volts, reconnects at 56.0 volts, and disconnects the load at 42 volts (or 10.5 volt minimum and 14.5 volt maximum per 12 volt battery).

Daox 05-31-13 12:36 PM

Yeah, I agree with you. Thats why the really huge adjustment range was weird to see. You could really do some damage to your batteries if you don't set that up right.

doogie48084 01-22-14 08:10 PM

thanks for posting, I am eating up all this info.

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