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Daox 11-29-17 11:39 AM

It was the most expensive component at $170. There weren't any sales on the M.2 form factor drive. However, I did use to buy a discounted gift cards to buy the whole setup. I paid ~$265 for $300 worth in cards.

pinballlooking 11-29-17 11:44 AM

I will be well worth it. I work on computers many hours each day for years now. I have never said that drive is too fast. I have bought faster drives many times.

You do CAD stuff. That is even more demanding than what I do with mine.

Daox 11-29-17 12:50 PM

I'm sure that it will. I've loved the 128gig SSD I picked up ages ago. That one cost me around $220 I believe. Before that, I went with SCSI drives and/or raided HDDs for improved HDD performance. It was always a huge bottleneck in systems. Not so much anymore I don't think though.

Daox 11-30-17 04:02 PM

This is a 'next step' deal, but as I said earlier, I am considering getting a new power supply for the computer. There doesn't seem to be a great selection of power supplies for a low power system like this. PC parts picker estimates my max power consumption at ~130W. I kind of doubt it'll even get that high. I'm obviously looking for something as efficient as possible as well. Any suggestions?

AC_Hacker 12-01-17 08:50 PM

Did you mention what you use your computer for?

Daox 12-02-17 11:21 AM

Its a home office computer. So, lots of web apps and office apps.

theoldwizard1 12-27-17 09:52 PM

Sorry for being late to the party !


Originally Posted by NiHaoMike (Post 56279)
I would suggest going with AMD Ryzen. Reviews indicate that its efficiency is quite good.

If you are really going to buy a new computer system, then this is the best suggestion !

The typical desktop and laptop unit have just hit the market. We are still a few months a way from the flood ! I just read a review comparing a Ryzen to an Intel Core i7. Yes, the Intel won all the number crunching benchmarks, but the Ryzen with builtin graphics won everything else ! Watching video, web browsing, office tasks, etc. Best of all the Ryzen used significantly less power.

Rotating media is now strictly for backup ! I will not buy another computer that does not have some type of flash drive for its primary drive.

jeff5may 12-28-17 09:36 AM

The new Intel NUC boards (made for core M processors) and Nvidia Tegra - based boards are both power sippers. Being made for compact systems, cooling fans and/or dedicated power supplies are usually lavish options. A lot of them run off of a laptop power pack and draw nearly nothing while sleeping. Neither setup is made for hardcore gaming, so I won't even go there.

With an SSD and ample DDR3 or DDR4 memory, both systems dominate when playing movies or surfing the internet. If you get a mainboard that will POST fast, these things can boot in 15 to 30 seconds from dead cold. Coming out of hibernation is like using a cell phone or tablet: maybe 5 seconds. Most of the mainboards either have headers for laptop wifi radio cards or have built-in wifi, so connecting to the outside world is no problem. If you need a hardline, they pretty much all have gigabit ethernet ports.

As far as differences between the processors, I would say they compare like this: The Core M based rigs feel more like a windows laptop: better multitasking and more raw power for complicated calculations and simulations. The Tegra based rigs feel more like a tablet or premium android phone: better image rendering, sound and ultra low power draw.

Daox 01-03-18 08:06 AM

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I've had all my components for a while now. I have been hesitant to jump to the new system since I do use my computer quite a bit. However, I am hoping to make the change this coming weekend.

Before doing so, I wanted to get everything else set. To have a little fun, and make this build a little different, I wanted to try a caseless build. This simply means you don't put all your components in a computer case. I decided to mount mine to the back wall of my desk's hutch. Its kind of nerdy and IMO cool looking. I used my 3d printer to make a framework for the motherboard to mount to. It then clips around the hutch's back board and has legs to hold it up.

pinballlooking 01-03-18 08:42 AM

Cool I like it. Put that 3D printer to work.

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