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NiHaoMike 11-16-17 03:49 PM

If your always on requirements are very modest, use a Raspberry Pi for that. I mine Curecoin and Foldingcoin with my GPU so my main PC stays running all the time.

This extreme modder got an i3 down to just under 6W at idle.
Probably not as impressive nowadays since a Tegra X1 might be about on par in terms of CPU, far superior in GPU, and is similarly low power.

medicdude 11-16-17 07:04 PM


Originally Posted by Daox (Post 56306)
Thanks for the tips guys!
I like the suggestion to turn off the computer! So many people leave them on today.

Yeah I think this is because no-one likes to wait for bootup, but with a 500MB/sec SSD you can boot cold in about 5 seconds, I wait longer for bios and POST than I wait for windows to load up.

Do pay attention to SSD read/write speeds, they are not all the same, and if you really want obnoxious blazing speeds you can pick up one of the newer M.2 SSDs (must be compatible with your mobo), but they are about 2x as expensive than normal SSDs for the capacity (although 5-6x faster).

NiHaoMike 11-17-17 01:43 PM

I decided to make some measurements on my Tegra X1 platform, a Nvidia Shield TV Pro with 128GB SSD.
It idles at 4.1W, 2D playback at 5.6W (varies with content, have seen spikes of 6.2W with fast movement), and 3D playback around 7W with spikes up to about 12W when scrolling around.

The Tegra X2 should have even better efficiency especially under load, but I don't have one to test. The X1 is already quite impressive if it's fast enough for your needs.

pinballlooking 11-24-17 02:52 PM

SAMSUNG 850 EVO 2.5" 500GB SATA III 3D NAND Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) MZ-75E500B/AM

Did you see this deal good for 11 more hours.

Daox 11-25-17 08:35 PM

Thanks. I did see that. Its a good price. However, I am going to go with the same drive in M.2 configuration.

pinballlooking 11-25-17 08:48 PM

You said that in your setup I missed it.

jeff5may 11-25-17 11:10 PM

I believe you will be pleasantly surprised by the newer Intel processor and its power consumption at and near idle conditions. My son upgraded to an ivy bridge a couple of years ago and it heats up the room way less than the AMD he had before.

Daox 11-27-17 11:46 AM


I did order the rest of my components just the other day, so I hope to have them by this next weekend.

Daox 11-29-17 08:38 AM

I've started getting the components. Its my first time using a M.2 drive. WOW they're crazy small! Very cool stuff.

Here is the 500gb M.2 SSD. It mounts right to the motherboard. No cables to deal with.

pinballlooking 11-29-17 11:36 AM

That looks Sweet...
I cant wait to hear how fast that thing is.

How much was that thing? Did you find a sale?

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