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pinballlooking 10-03-14 03:11 PM

Chevy Volt Owners Pass 1 Billion Total Miles
Volt owners have saved over 32.5 million gallons of fuel.
Chevy Volt Owners Pass 1 Billion Total Miles

We have driven 28,260 EV miles and saved 1,318 gallons of gas!

Official GM media release

Official Volt 2.0 Powertrain YouTube video

Daox 11-17-14 11:29 AM

How much range do you loose in winter?

pinballlooking 11-17-14 11:46 AM

AC does not really take that much range off. But heat is a different story.
It has to heat the battery and the passenger compartment. It usually drops us down to about 33 EV miles.
On cold days my wife will precondition the cab while it is plugged in this helps warm up the car using the house power. The heater is not near as strong as AC is. They need to install a heat pump! Maybe Volt 2.0 that will be announced in Jan.

I really need to move the car in the grange that would help even more.

We are under two years and we have a life time MPG 209.
83% EV miles total 29,174 solar powered EV miles.
On star posts my cars info to this web site.

Volt Stats: Details for Volt #2013-02615 (Flynn's Light Runner)

It is amazing how much money in gas we have saved. We have saved buying 1,360 gallons of gas so far. Most of that was with gas @3.50 a gal.

The Volt gets
Kelley Blue Book Best Buys of 2015: Electric/Hybrid Car

Daox 11-17-14 12:02 PM

Yeah, I've been watching for the news on the new Volt. It looks like they're going to make some substantial updates. I'm definitely looking forward to it.

pinballlooking 12-04-14 02:05 PM

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Here is PLUG1N post I thought some others would like to see it.
63,122 EV miles in three years.

Here is a quote from his post.
"By around year 7, my gas savings will have paid for my investment in my Volt. Probably year 6 or sooner if I include maintenance.
I plan on keeping my Volt for a long time. I have no interest in upgrading to Volt 2.0. Plus I am keen to find out how many EV miles I can get out of my battery. So far no degradation at 63,000 miles. "

This is not typical results.
We have 29,831 EV miles in less than two years. But we have driven 6,162 gas miles in that time lifetime mpg 205.

here is a link to live stats.

pinballlooking 12-05-14 11:13 AM

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Ok more Volt info.
First Chevy Volt To 200,000 Miles

Reliability is always on our minds buying new tech.
Here is sparkie Volt 2011 Volt just went over 200,000 miles 72,000 EV miles

Volt Stats: Details for Volt #2012-07353 (sparkie)

Here is a Nissan Leaf just hitting 100,000 miles
but it has a capacity is down about 21% so he is shopping for a new battery pack.

Daox 12-05-14 01:37 PM

Wow that is a lot of miles! Its great to see they're holding up so well.

pinballlooking 12-05-14 03:00 PM

Yes Erick (sparkie) drives 220 miles a day to work. We only drive 80-100 but mostly EV miles.

I have been watching the higher mileage cars to see how they are doing. We will be there in no time at all and I want to know what is in store for us. Since the Volt only came out 2011 there is not a lot of data yet on high mile cars these guys are breaking new ground. But that ground looks good so far.

A lot of Volts are coming off lease so the used market should be filling up with them. I have seen them selling for 15-22K with 15-36K miles on them. The tax credit and current model price reduction has helped drive the price down.

Some people will be picking up some nice used cars.

Daox 12-07-14 09:24 AM

I keep an eye on them every once in a while on craigslist. The cheapest I've seen is $13k for a 2012 that had 100k miles on it already.

pinballlooking 12-09-14 11:43 AM

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Our Volt just went over 30K solar powered miles. With 1,400 gallons of gas saved under two years.

Only maintenance required was a couple tire rotations and one oil change.
I do the tire rotations and the oil change. I run mobile 1 one with AC Delco OEM filter it was about $32 for the oil change. Not bad for 36k miles.

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