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davidbr13 10-07-08 03:32 PM

Radiant barrier sources
Anyone who has looked at the radiant barriers at the home stores has probably gotten sticker shock. the best places to use this stuff as far as best bang for the buck goes is as a water heater wrap and in the garage door. Enough from the home store to do those places would be quite high at my local price of about $20 for a 16" X 25' roll.

The other day, though, I found this place:

Radiant Barrier Reflective Foil Insulation, Energy Efficient Products and Information.

They have a garage door kit for $85 for a double door. They also have a water heater wrap kit for $30. I ordered both. I'll post later when I get them. their bulk material also seems to be a good price.

davidbr13 10-13-08 06:29 AM

FWIW, I received my shipment Friday, only 3 days after ordering it. It is very high quality material, very strong.

I can definitely say that you get a LOT more for your money ordering from these folks. I did the garage door over the weekend. If I had got enough for the garage door from the home store, it would have cost about $150.

Since it's at that time in the year that it's fairly cool but not enough to turn on the heater yet, I can't tell how effective it is yet, but I will post when I can tell.

Daox 10-13-08 06:37 AM

Can't say as I've ever really looked at it. But, please do let us know how it works.

davidbr13 10-28-08 10:49 AM

I can now say the effect of the radiant barrier and an air space, installed in the garage door, is definitely something you can feel. This morning, my unheated garage was at 61 deg. F while it was 40 outside. Previously, it would have been equal to the outside temperature. It'll be interesting to see what effect it has next summer, when it is needed even more.

Daox 10-28-08 10:58 AM

Do you have any pictures of the installation?

cmittle 10-28-08 11:00 AM

I assume the garage doors were insulated and this is something that goes over that? I would also be interested in seeing some pictures.


cmittle 10-28-08 11:55 AM

After reading their website a little bit I'm wondering if I should install this while finishing my basement (split foyer home with ~4ft below grade). I imagine you did a little research on this could you point me to some of the information you found?

Also does anybody else have information pertaining to using this stuff while finishing walls?


davidbr13 10-29-08 05:43 AM

I just googled 'radiant barrier'. Everything I found basically says the same thing, and it relates to installation in different areas. I was interested in the rigid foam insulation you can get that has radiant barrier laminated on both sides, but that wasn't available where I am without a special order, and this simple stuff was the most cost effective alternative.

Actually, my garage door is not insulated, though I did use a couple of small strips of styrofoam as spacers to maintain the air space behind the barrier material. They claim the air space is required to get the full R value of the material.

I'll try to put up a picture tonight when I'm home.

davidbr13 10-29-08 07:33 PM

2 Attachment(s)
So here's the pics. The first is obviously an overall picture. The second is a typical picture of how you notch around things like hinges and crossbeams, and tape the edges with foil tape. The colors came from reducing the file size.

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