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Fordguy64 02-21-20 08:33 AM

Interesting Heat exchanger
So in my quest for cheap geothemal i found this company.

Ive been in contact with them and the sales guy i have been in contact with has been great. Answered lots of questions for me.

So the biggest thing to note is that the plates are sized for cooling and not heating. So for example my situation is i need 30k btu in the winter so that leaves me with basically a 3 ton geo unit.For that he recommended the 5t plate for me and that would cost about 3k. (i have a large pond i can use)

Daox 02-24-20 08:36 PM

That looks like a pretty cool idea. I would imagine it would be more costly for parts though?

gadget 02-26-20 12:28 AM

If your quest is cheap, I have seen some pretty good pond heat exchangers made with black poly tubing.

Is this a private pond? Do you have swimmers, fisher people, or deep mud on the bottom?

Ponds are great sources if they are close enough.

Vatyeald 05-02-20 10:05 AM

There are a lot of companies that believe and love what they do in this industry, so that quality service and respect for the client is the norm that everyone should adopt

Mikesolar 05-04-20 03:40 PM

We typically just put down coils of 3/4 Rehau pex tied to wire mesh and weighted down with concrete blocks

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