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Daox 03-26-15 08:49 AM

EKM 120/240V kWh meters
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I was reading on an i-miev (Mitsubishi electric car) forum about these devices. While not cheap compared to the kill a watt, they at least are an option.

EKM - Electric Meters (KWh Meters)

gtojohn 03-28-15 09:10 AM

I just picked up the Efergy Elite kw meter for a song. It uses clamps over your service wires inside your breaker panel. It gives a nice real time reading. It immediately drove me nuts to see the power im consuming at idle! And od course even worse when the appliances are running.

stevehull 03-29-15 07:05 AM

Where did you get it (Efergy Elite Meter) and how much?


gtojohn 03-29-15 10:56 PM

They're out there on Amazon $113 and ebay for less. Mine was an open box special for $35. They come standard with only one sensor, which works for folks with balanced 220v. The sensor for my other leg was $20 more. The same unit has inputs for up to 3 sensors and 3 phase power.

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