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mk1st 10-26-20 05:07 PM

Finally up and running
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I rebuilt my old crappy garage and reoriented the new one for full southern exposure. Took a while to get everything up and running because I was doing everything myself (except the final wiring hookups) plus all the other construction stuff at the same time.

Installed the rack mounts while putting on the roof - which was easy to do but I screwed myself in the spacing.

The weird spacing meant I had to add another run of racking perpendicular to the first but it came out super sturdy so I'm very happy with it. Seeing as the array is so steep (50) it could use the extra stiffness anyway.

The panels went up in February and it finally got commissioned in July.

Putting out about 6.5 Kwh with additional roof space and inverter capacity to take it up to about 9. I have had problems hooking up with the Solar Edge app so I'm not sure of the precise performance details yet. It's made a huge dent in my bill though!

Lovin' me some PV!

pinballlooking 10-26-20 05:36 PM

Looks great, Congrats!
Wow what pitch it that?

Daox 10-27-20 09:44 AM

Nice setup! Thanks for sharing.

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