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smithmiller6 09-22-09 02:02 PM

home made solar LED light
I am hoping that you would be kind enough to help me with a question. I would like to use 4 LED's for a solar powered lamp that I am building. Would you be able to tell me exactly what kind of rechargeable batteries I would need for the 4 LEDs and if I need resistors? Is it necessary to have a pcb board for this project? And finally, maybe it's a longshot but does anyone know if there was a kit available for an outdoor solar lamp? Using the solar path lights just wouldn't provide enough light in the lamp.
Thanks in advance.

Daox 09-22-09 02:04 PM

Hello Smith. Welcome to ER!

Do you know what LEDs you were planning on using? Every LED will have different specifications and that will determine what battery to use and if you need any additional circuitry.

wyatt 09-23-09 01:09 AM

you can get something like a solar flood light... that should have enough brightness for you. Not sure how long they last.
You can also take a look at Instructables: How to make your own LED Lightbulb
They don't cover the solar to battery part, but they will get you a lightbulb that is bright enough. Hope that helps.

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