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vwhead77 01-20-19 06:34 AM


Originally Posted by Mukiwa (Post 60223)
Obviously instaling the units right off the bat while we are building is the smartest way to go but we just don’t have the extra cash in the budget. Plus we would like to see how the house handles the heat first before we invest in AC. Iff I ran conduit to the locations I want to instal the units down the road what size would they have to be? I’m hoping they would fit inside 2” pvc but do the copper lines have to be insulated from each other? It would be a fairly straight shot from the unit to the instal location so I’m not worried about being able to pull it in.

I would not recommend putting the lines inside a 2" pvc chase. I worked with a guy that had me do that (much to my consternation) on a 4 head system. It doesn't look as neat as you would think and I pray that nothing happens to the lines over the years because they would have to be yanked out completely. They make 'hide-a-line' specifically for those units. Chances are, you may need to have to access those lines at some point. I've put in several more splits on my own and, honestly, if you do a really neat job, the insulated lines (yes, both lines are insulated) don't look all that bad.

WyrTwister 06-07-19 07:57 AM

Both MS's we have installed are heat pumps . For that reason , both the lines are insulated , as vwhead77 said .

If you are going to pre-run anything , do not forget about electrical .

If you pre-install PVC for the lines , 2" may or may not work . If you do try it , be sure to use long radius electrical PVC conduit 90's . If you use 2" 90's like tou would on plumbing , it is not going to work for the lines .

This ;

Not this ;

I am cheap . I used white metal rain gutter downspout & fittings to hide the lines . Plus , it is readily available .

God bless

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