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pinballlooking 02-10-14 06:08 PM

Bad weather coming can I run a Mini split running off a generator?
Will bad storm is coming if it gets bad and we lose power can I safely run the Mini splits off the generator?
It is a 10hp 5,000 watt 20 amp 240 volt it is not a pure sign wave generator.

NiHaoMike 02-10-14 06:16 PM

Should be fine, especially with an inverter unit. In heating mode, put the generator right next to the outside unit to boost efficiency. Run only one unit at a time just to be safe.

pinballlooking 02-10-14 07:49 PM

Thanks for the info. I hope to not have to use it but we are the last house on the power line. That is not a good thing when they are restoring the power.

ecomodded 02-11-14 11:22 AM

You could install a 240v outlet into the mini splits 240v wiring ,where convenient, AFTER the breaker box so you can flip the breaker off, (isolating it for when the power is restored) that would give you a private circuit to plug directly into.
I suspect your 5,000w generator will be able to power two 1 ton units/12,000btu units, but read up on the specs of both units..

pinballlooking 02-11-14 11:36 AM

Wattage wise it should easily power both mini splits. It is 6250 surge wattage. It is a modified sign wave generator so I was not sure the mini splits electronics would be able to handle this power.

I know my thankless water heater does not like this king of power. I have two car batteries charged up with a pure sing wave inverter just in case in need them.

ecomodded 02-11-14 11:58 AM

I see the mini splits will probably need better quality power then your generator puts out..

this is of interest to me as one day, I hope to power mini splits off gid.

pinballlooking 02-11-14 03:55 PM

I went out to an offgrid web site and others have been using generators to run their inverter mini splits with generators without issues. Just as NiHaoMike suggested.

jeff5may 02-11-14 04:50 PM

If the mini-split unit has good power factor correction built in, it will probably work OK. If there's a weak link somewhere, it will probably show up before u do any damage. I would keep an eye on things for a while the first time, just to be sure.

nokiasixteth 02-15-14 07:59 PM

Thats a interestin question. Id like to know bout it too for when hurricane season comes in case we have another katrina.

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