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Exalta-STA 05-11-12 10:12 AM

Garbage Segregation
One thing I love about segregating my garbage is that I can get money off of it. The "wet" garbage goes to the compost and the "dry" ones get separated into different categories...paper/ and metals

When I have all the "dry" bins full..I have the local recycler come over on his pushcart to sort and weigh the trash and pay me. I usually get $5 for each bin..I've even volunteered to collect and sort my neighbors trash and my oh my it has helped me get some extra cash..especially when they throw out appliances and furniture. If it can't be restored and resold, i tear it down and sort it by material.

Anyone else doing this?

Piwoslaw 05-11-12 11:14 AM

I take stuff to the scrap metal collector, usually aluminum and steel cans, maybe a few screws, but I hardly get more than the equivalent of $1-2 every 3-4 months.

Years ago you could get money for glass and paper too, but this is unfortunately no longer the case:(

Exalta-STA 05-13-12 06:19 AM

The bulk of the junk I recycle is glass, plastic and paper/cardboard...what happened? New rulings in effect so you can't sell paper anymore?

Are there any abandoned vehicles in your area? I ask the county for permission to remove vehicles abandoned in public places for more than a year then I take em apart. They like it because I take the responsibility of cleaning up from them.

RobertSmalls 05-13-12 07:08 AM

Around here, curbside pickup of recyclables (metal, glass, most plastics, paper and paperboard) is the norm. I could take these materials to the junkyard myself and get a few dollars for them, but it's not really worth the time it takes to do so.

I also have a compost bin for yard waste and vegetable scraps, and landfill bin for the few items that can't be recycled or composted.

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