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Daox 12-07-10 12:56 PM

Wooden wind generator
Wooden blades? No, all wood (nearly) construction! Pretty cool actually. Doesn't produce much power though. But, it is pretty small too.

Wooden wind generator

Ryland 12-08-10 12:17 AM

I was just thinking about that wind turbine the other day, I read about it when they had the story in home power 8 years ago, my favorite part is the magnetic dirt from the driveway.

Daox 12-08-10 06:24 AM

lol yeah I thought that was pretty ingenious!

Patrick 12-08-10 09:25 AM

This one's cool too. More metal but more power. Real bearings help. Wood - AX, another wooden wind generator.

Ryland 12-08-10 10:32 AM

It's projects like this that give otherpower credibility, sure they made a wind generator out of wood and it didn't perform as well as something you buy, but it performed as well as one made out of wood and on a budget could do, because it was designed well from the ground up instead of just tossing together random parts.

cdig 02-27-11 04:12 PM

gawd I wish I had that much extra time on my hands...

markocale 03-12-11 05:04 AM

too much for me

Angmaar 03-27-11 03:20 PM

It's cool that it's made out of wood instead of plastic.

guerciofernando 09-07-11 04:39 AM

I would like to thanks for the time you've contributed in composing this post. This is great.

alicetom222 06-29-12 08:54 AM

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