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NeilBlanchard 12-01-10 08:58 PM

Human powered hydraulic wood splitter
I had not seen this until today:

Quoting the owner, who is a friend:


What's amazing is that a push by a human arm can generate 20,000# force. Applied at the knife-edge of the wedge, that's some serious PSI. There are two pistons. The far one, operated with the left hand, is about twice ...the diamter of the near one. So it drives the main ram 4x as fast, but not as much force. For the hard work, only the right-hand pump is used, steadying yourself with your left hand on the far handle (operator standing at butt end of tool).

It sure is a lot safer than using a splitting maul. Less frustrating, too. You know the joy of having a splitting maul get jammed deep into a stubborn log.

...the manual/hydraulic splitter is a nifty tool. Human-power, bro! No fossil fuels consumed in the operation thereof. And I'm less likely to lose a toe or an eye!
Seems to be "correct tech" to me.

Piwoslaw 12-02-10 01:10 AM

Me wants! Me wants!

Daox 12-02-10 07:01 AM

Nice idea. Wonder how fast it is to split one log...

Did he make this or purchase it?

Ryland 12-02-10 05:56 PM

I have not used one but I know of a lady who has one and likes it but she notes that it is really slow, so a maul is still recommended for the easy to split wood, my personal taste is to use a maul even when a gas powered splitter is around just because I an split wood 4-5 times faster by hand, but if it doesn't split with the first strike then it goes to the powered splitter.
Electric log splitters are also out there and work well from what I hear.

NeilBlanchard 12-02-10 09:24 PM

I'm pretty sure he bought it, though if you have the right piston, you could make one. The dual pumps, of the different sizes is the key. This is probably slow, but it saves your back.

An electric powered hydraulic pump would be fast, quiet and very efficient.

NeilBlanchard 12-07-10 11:56 AM

Here is the same exact unit from Sears:

Sears: Online department store featuring appliances, tools, fitness equipment and more

Does anyone know of an electric powered wood splitter?

Daox 12-07-10 12:25 PM

There are a bunch on amazon. Largest one seems to be ~7 ton.

5 ton - Grizzly H8171 Hydraulic / Electric Log Splitter: Patio, Lawn & Garden

7 ton - Powerhouse XM-380 7-Ton Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter: Patio, Lawn & Garden

NeilBlanchard 12-08-10 02:41 PM

Thanks, Tim -- I like the more compact under-slung design of the 7-ton unit you linked to. It weighs a bit less than the 5-ton, too. But the prices are a lot higher.

A possible method of making the manual unit faster is lay the log on it *before* retracting the piston, and when the log drops down, close the valve, and you only have to pump it closed again a little bit...

Phantom 12-28-10 01:31 PM

Also if you replace the handle on the faster side with a shorter one then it could be used quicker as you do not have to pull as far for full movement, the down side is you will have even less torque but that is what the handle on the other side is for.

skyl4rk 12-29-10 10:00 AM

That would probably be way too slow if you are looking at a pile of wood to split. If you are splitting by hand, a maul and wedges work surprisingly well. Most of the effort is bending over and picking up the pieces (if you are doing it right).

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