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pinballlooking 12-06-16 12:05 PM

DIY underground natural gas line for tankless water heater.
I want to run a NG to my greenhouse. I have done projects with black iron NG pipe a couple times.

But this is different.

My greenhouse is about 50’ from my meter. I was going to rent a trencher that can trench 24”
I am getting utilities marked.

I think the tank is 38,000 BTU’s
I was going to Tee off the gas meter right where it goes out of the meter to my house. I will run a tracer wire with the gas line.
What do you recommend for pipe and risers where is the best place to by this from.
If you have done a project like this any tips or advice.

stevehull 12-06-16 01:39 PM

Don't use black iron pipe - it rusts (on the inside) and that rust can block up orifices. Natural gas is "supposed" to be dry - but even a small amount of water vapor causes problems. There is a special designated NG pipe that is yellow and is far better. Tracer wire (sometimes now called pressure "tape") is essential for plastic pipe. Some NG pipes come with the tracer wire embedded in the wall of the plastic pipe.

Am not sure if 24 inches deep meets code - double check. Depends if it is high or low pressure in some jurisdictions.

Where is the pressure reducer? In some situations it is at house (after meter) in others it is before meter.

If after reducer a 3/4 " pipe is plenty to supply 38 kBTU.

An easy project - trenching is the big part. But machine trenching close to the meter, and the existing service NG pipe, can be . . . . exciting. Sounds obvious, but buy a good manual trenching shovel for that part. FWIW, in retrospect, I (and I bet more than a few people on this site) have trenched too close to a gas line and have been lucky.


pinballlooking 12-06-16 01:58 PM

I was not going to use black iron underground. I was just stating I have some NG experience.
My pressure is reduced right before the meter.

Is was looking and it looks like I will need two risers.
Wal-Rich 2930002 Service Riser, 3/4 Inch Compression, Steel, Powder Coated

This is a compression fitting one and they have stab fittings. Is either one ok to use?
Do you need a Chamfer Tool for only stab fittings?

pinballlooking 12-07-16 03:19 PM

I bought a 500’ ¾” roll yellow natural gas line. Two risers and two stab connectors locally.
My wife will pick them up tomorrow. All utilities were marked today.

They were out of Chamfer Tools I am trying to order one on eBay.
Some people tell me I can do it with a pocket knife?

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