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stevef22 04-05-16 01:05 PM

12V Community Garden Sign - Need help with calculations.
Hello all, nice to be here on this forum!

I fabricated a large metal sign for our community garden. ( Looks pretty cool if I must say so myself. )

Behind the sign I placed 200 - 5630 LED modules from ebay. Total of 600 LEDS

What I have purchased

200 - 5630 LED Modules ( 3 LEDs each, 600 LEDS total )

1 - Kyocera KD140GX-LFBS 140 Watt 12 Volt Solar Module

1 - Car battery

1 - Solar Charge Controller 12V

I need help with equipment and following questions...

1. What percent of battery will I use up if LED lights turn on for 5 hours? ( I understand you should draw less than 50% of battery for long life )
2. Should I get a deep cycle marine battery?
3. What battery would you recommend for regular use charging/discharging 600 - 5630 LEDs for 5 hours every evening?
4. Comparison running brighter 600-5630 LED modules VS 600- 3528 LED modules? What is power, current draw difference?
5. Do you recommend any other equipment? ie. Solar panel, battery, charge controller.

Thank you for your help!

stevehull 04-05-16 01:43 PM

All we need to know is how many watts each LED module uses. That will be on the eBay site.

A deep cycle (aka "marine") battery will be needed. Once we know the total wattage draw (LED module times 200) , then you multiply that by 5 to bet a panel wattage. From that, we now the current to purchase a battery charge controller.

Another way to figure out the current draw is to hook up the LEDs to an existing car battery and place a cheap current meter (standard "voltmeter" type of instrument) in series. Use the DC current setting. This will tell you the circuit current for that number of LED modules.


stevef22 04-05-16 02:02 PM

Found specs on ebay ads for both 3528 and 5630 LEDS

0.72W per string = 3 LEDS

3528 per string = 3 LEDS

So if I have 600 LEDS...

0.72W = 432Watts
0.3W = 180Watts

Am I correct on this?

LED Quantity: 3 5630SMD leds per string
Color: Warm White
Color Temperature: 3000-3500K
Output power: 0.72W per string
REMARKS: *20pcs means 14.4W, to power up 20pcs you will need a 1.2A DC power supply which is not included in this listing.*
( DO NOT connect led directly to 110v outlet use only 12V AC power supply)
Protection Rate IP65(Waterproof)
Adhesive fixed: double-sided adhesive*Adhesive is for first step fixation, to permanately fix the strings you will need extra fiber glues.*
Interface definition: AWG 20 # wire, gray is positive, white for the negative
Standard cascade: 20PCS
Shell material: PVC plastic material
Sing String Size: 75(L)*12(W)*2.5(H) mm


Type:Module 3 LED 3528 SMD
Optional color:Cool White
LED quantity: 3PCS
Beam angle: 120
Light Source Life: 50.000H
Working voltage: DC12V
Power: 0.3W
Adhesive fixed: double-sided adhesive
Shell color: white
Size: (about)7.8cm*1.5cm*0.5cm
Standard cascade: 20pcs
Shell material: PVC plastic material

stevehull 04-05-16 02:51 PM

Humm, confusing technical data. Hook a set up to a 12 V battery and measure current.


stevef22 04-05-16 03:37 PM

Ok I figured it out now

144 Watts for 5630LEDS total

60 Watts for 3528LEDS total

I can use 3520 LEDS ( Dimmer but less than half wattage)

What battery would you recommend for 5 hours of run time every evening?

stevehull 04-05-16 04:44 PM

I am confused. When all the LEDs are powered up, what is the total wattage of ALL 200 LED modules . . .?

(144 or 60 watts)?

What size battery did you buy (amp hours) and what amperage solar controller? The solar panel might produce an average of 100 watts but a 12 V solar panel will not charge a 12 v battery. The panel needs to be a higher voltage. Put the panel in the sun and measure the voltage output.

Or - on the back of the panel, it may say what the short circuit voltage is.



stevef22 04-05-16 05:05 PM

sorry for that, I tend to confuse myself often enough.

I have ordered both types of LEDS and can use one or the other or both on my project,

The 5630LED strip draws 144 Watts total.

The 3528LED strip draws 60 Watts total.

so Im forgetting about the 5630LED strip and going with 3528LED strip.

So I have a 60Watt total need for 5 hrs every night.

What batteries, solar panel and charge controller would I need?

stevehull 04-05-16 06:30 PM

In your very first post, you said you have already purchased a 140 watt PV panel, car battery and charge controller.

Need specifics on what you have purchased.


stevef22 04-05-16 06:46 PM

Please take a look at this drop box folder. I took a picture of back of Solar Panel and solar controller. My battery is standard 12V car battery ( probally will need to change )

Up too 4 posts, will be able to link next post.

stevef22 04-05-16 06:47 PM

Here is link

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