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dcb 10-08-08 09:39 AM

Electric Snowblower conversion
(contionuation of )

I have a toro that has a belt cog similiar to the one pictured. I enjoyed my electric mower experience and wanted to get rid of my last gas driven utensil, the snowblower.

I went and ordered this on the 7th, $18 + shipping, might swap my neighbor my working blower for his busted one even. this looks too easy :) Hope the motor is strong enough.

I'll post some pics when I get started.

Higgy 10-08-08 09:56 AM

That'd be sweet.

So your gonna stick a huge rechargable battery on it and have it run that way?

dcb 10-08-08 10:01 AM

Nope, I like corded, like my mower. Lightweight, cheap, reliable.

Higgy 10-08-08 11:04 AM

And a regular plugin would be able to power something like that? I didn't think it would have enough power to blow snow very well. Although I'm not sure what the snowfall is like where you're from so I can't compare it to here.

dcb 10-08-08 11:13 AM

Well, my 10 amp electric mower outperformed a 4hp gas mower pretty easily, so I'm hopeful that this will keep up with the 3hp Tecumseh.

I didn't have a very large blower to start with, but it was plenty adequate with the right technique for this area.

SVOboy 10-08-08 12:46 PM

Sweet project, and great idea with recycling the old mower. I'm surprised that motor is only 18 bucks.

dcb 10-11-08 05:38 PM

Here's a quick status of this little project.

got the motor, powered it up to make sure it spun the right way:

old blower before too much dissassembly

cover/gastank removed

belt cover removed, oops, thats NOT a toothed belt :o

somebody call the SPCA

had to dig up my puller to get the pully off

used one existing hole and poked another hole in tube to get basic position of motor, after much contemplating and holding it in different places.

pulleys line up pretty nice

Pulley attachment, will probably just hold it in place with the bolt and fudge it true and weld it on.

Original motor and electric side by side.

poked a couple holes in for the switch

Switch in place


1. dig out arc welder and weld pulley to shaft.

2. add cross supports/triangulation to motor installation

3. find a belt that reaches

toyobug 10-12-08 05:13 AM

cool project. can't wait to hear how it works. What part of the country are you in?

Daox 10-13-08 06:17 AM

Looks great dcb. Your quick explinations make it sound so easy. I hope to hear it works great. :)

dcb 10-13-08 03:56 PM

Toyo, I'm in northern ill noise. A lot of neighbors have large blowers, and a lot just shovel.

I've been able to manage very well with the toro.

Daox, thus far it has been easy, the pully welding bit will be the only tricky part on this job.

I just ordered a 3/8" belt I hope will work (3L370). If not then I may have to figure out how to relocate the motor so the pulley is in the original position and just use a stock belt.

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