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oil pan 4 05-26-18 02:57 PM

Need to add on electrical service
I have a 200 amp eaton br serries main panel.
The bottle neck is a 1.25 inch conduit that goes across the back of the house that is unbelievably over stuffed.
Originally I believe the only thing in that conduit was the air conditioning power and the range power.
Now its servicing: central air, electric range, shed, 120v 30 amp power for the garage and improper wire going to the out building.
Need to keep that and add up to 100 amps worth of welder power for my miller dialarc, a 240v electric car charger, solar power inputs, 240v power out to the shed and well pump power.
So I was thinking I would remove the junction box, pull all those wires back out install a QO 125 amp 24 circuit outside panel where the junction box was. Put a 125 amp breaker on the eaton main, run 2 gauge wires through the 1.25 inch nipple, then add a conduit or 2 to the sub panel to relieve the over stuffed 1.25 conduit condition put the new stuff in its own conduit.
I might leave 1 or 2 circuits going back to the main but that might over fill my 1.25 sub to main conduit more than 40%.
An electrician would want a few thousand to do this.

mejunkhound 06-02-18 01:55 AM

Depends on what materials yu can get at low cost.

A firend in NM is near Hollman AFB, get used Cu wire and conduit for scrap prices.

If you have similar situation, would simply run a parallel 2" conduit with as big a wire as you can find surplus.

Don't forget about voltage drop, although not too important for the welder. I run a 320 Amp buzz box off 130 ft of 8 AWG run out to the barn and only trip the 50A breaker if I run a high duty cycle for over 15 minutes at full amp setting but likely getting under 300A at rods.

oil pan 4 06-02-18 08:37 AM

Yeah I have a huge hordes of 2,4, 6, 9 and 10 gauge thhn wire bought from scrap yards. I have some 1, 0 and 00 gauge. Also have a lot of 12/2, 10/2 and 10/3 romex. Actually the other day I realized I had ran out of 12/3 with ground romex and had to buy more at retail prices. Not cool.
This is one of the ways I am going to put in solar so cheaply. I won't have to buy any wire.

Yesterday I got about about 30 feet of 12/3 stw (thermo plastic extension cord) from the scrap yard to make my self a nema 6-20 cord for charging my leaf. It cost $12. If I had bought new sj cable it would have cost around $70.
All I have to do is put ends on it.
Miller recommends putting the model 250 on a 100 amp circuit.
Which would allow me to run 6 gauge on a 100 amp circuit as long as it's only for the welder. I will probably use 4 gauge and make it a 125 amp circuit, to eliminate nuance trips while welding aluminum.

WyrTwister 06-13-18 08:10 AM

We use 2" conduit for 200 amp and 1-1/4" for 100 amp .

God bless

oil pan 4 06-13-18 08:20 AM

It turns out it's 1.5 inch going through the wall. Then 1.25 along the wall.
I was looking at the conduit fill chart and noticed 1.25 inch for 125 amp service was not really ideal. But 1.5 leaves plenty of room.

rvCharlie 06-13-18 02:23 PM

Maybe it's just me, but I'd pay retail for some aluminum service cable before I'd run several dozen feet of free conduit through an attic and then fight with pulling free >6ga wire through it. That's cardio I can do without. :-)


oil pan 4 06-13-18 02:46 PM

The conduit is on the back side of the house.
I will likely run 4 gauge to my big welder.
Probably run some 6 gauge in conduit out to the garage to run dryer, air compressor, electric vehicle charger, lights, garage doors and such.

oil pan 4 06-19-18 12:44 AM

I'm going to run power to my welder on a dedicated circuit off the main with a 125 amp breaker on 4 gauge wire.
Since I have nearly unlimited 4 gauge wire.

WyrTwister 06-19-18 01:05 AM

# 4 copper ?

God bless

oil pan 4 06-19-18 04:05 AM

I only do copper.

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