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Xringer 01-21-18 09:28 PM

SkyGenius Wireless Light Switch Kit
Interesting little light switch. Installed one in the basement and it works fine.


Wireless Light Switch Kit ($29.99) ($9.85)

I added some 4 foot LED light strips above my lathe and the dryer (in the basement).
Then I realized that my wife couldn't hardly reach the light switch.

Since I normally use the over-head switch, I wired the relay puck across (parallel) the Off-On switch..
Red Input to the hot side (black wire), Red output wire to the load side of the switch.
Put both the blue wires to 'N' in the box..
So I could use either switch.
Then hung the remote (battery-less) switch control, so my wife could easily reach it..

The Relay puck has a small off-on button that is also the 'Learn' button, for setting up the remote transmitter..

The max 433 MHz range is unknown, but it works fine from anywhere inside the house.
What I didn't like was the lack of Broadlink RM Pro compatibility.
No way to control it with my smart-home stuff.. :o

NiHaoMike 01-21-18 09:52 PM

Look up "sonoff" for affordable light switches designed to work with home automation.

Xringer 01-21-18 10:14 PM

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I've been thinking about getting one of the 16Amp Sonoff with the temp & RH sensor.
Those things look like fun. I've been using the ESP8266 with Alexa and really like it so far..
But, it's only one-way so far. Off-on commands out, but no feed back from sensors..

Getting a Vilros Raspberry Pi 3 Kit for my birthday this week (72 years old).
Some radar sensors are in the mail..
And China has a few more ESP8266 D1 mini pcbs in stock... :D

So many gadgets and so little time.. :o

Monday mail came!! And it seems to be working okay!

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