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buffalobillpatrick 06-22-14 06:20 PM

Stupid Pop-up watch video adds
What's going on with the Stupid Pop-up watch video adds?

They are screwing-up the threads. Difficult to read now. Blocks overlap text.

ecomodded 06-22-14 08:06 PM

No issues for me.

Is your pop up blocker on

lt190b 06-22-14 08:11 PM

try adblocker plus, works great

Daox 06-23-14 11:32 AM

I'm not having issues either, and I leave the ads turned on all the time. Can you provide a bit more info? There are a newer type of ad that requires you to hover your mouse over them, and if you do so long enough it'll bring up a popped up ad.

buffalobillpatrick 06-23-14 06:01 PM

just downloaded "adblocker plus" for Safari. We shall see

AC_Hacker 06-24-14 11:38 AM

Ad Blocker Plus

I'm using Opera. Just put in AB+, and free breathing has been restored.

What a relief!


buffalobillpatrick 06-24-14 05:42 PM

So far, they are stopped. Thanks

buffalobillpatrick 06-24-14 05:58 PM

Oops, I spoke too soon.

In the very first post in thread "Simple, Cheap Solar Water Heater is Made From Recycled Bottles"

Below the close up pic. of the bottles is a Play Video of NBA add.

Am I the only one seeing this krap?

I can ignore adds, but these block reading text in threads.

AC_Hacker 06-24-14 06:02 PM


Originally Posted by buffalobillpatrick (Post 38774)
...Am I the only one seeing this krap?...

I think it is a manifestation of your cyber-karma.

You have sinned.


buffalobillpatrick 06-24-14 06:04 PM

Yes, I have sinned!

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