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ecomodded 01-08-15 10:38 AM

Having trouble putting on weight , do you eat and eat and are still weigh as much as a 12 year old ?
turn UP your thermostat. 80 should do it.

natethebrown 01-09-15 08:50 AM

It was 8 deg F in North Alabama, yesterday. The wife and I usually keep the temperature at 68 deg F during the winter, but since it was so cold we turned down the heat to 64 deg F. It was cool but not cold. I enjoy being married to a like minded person who likes to save on utility bills!

ecomodded 01-09-15 09:20 AM

two peas in a pod

natethebrown 01-09-15 11:19 AM


Originally Posted by ecomodded (Post 43070)
two peas in a pod

Often, quite literally!

gtojohn 01-14-15 01:57 AM

AC, remember the efficiency of wood. It warms you 3 times, chopping it, stacking it and burning it!

Daox 10-02-15 02:49 PM

I just flipped the furnace on for time this fall. I'm still using the same general programming. 70F when home, 50F when away or at night.

I still am using the Motison cyberstat wifi thermostat so I can change the temp from anywhere I have cell / internet service. I highly recommend a wifi thermostat for anyone who isn't on a real strict schedule. It allows you to really be flexible with your heating and cooling programs. My utility must agree with me because they're offering $100 rebate on wifi thermostats.

Xringer 10-02-15 05:22 PM

It's been getting into the 50s around here. The first few days were nice 70s & 80s..
But, yesterday I had to turn on the heat. Today, both Sanyos are cranking out the heat..
It's amazing how fast the temperature is dropping..

I noticed tonight that my basement is getting cooler.. Now at 64.4 F
It was in the 70s two weeks ago.

warmwxrules 10-02-15 07:10 PM

No heat yet...we've had frost the past few nights (light frost) with temps in the upper 30Fs..but the days have been nothing but blue skies and sunshine and temps in the low 60Fs... beautiful perfect weather. House has been heating up into the mid 70Fs and dropping back into the upper 60Fs overnight...doesn't hurt that the basement is still warm (70F last i checked)...

Daox 11-03-15 12:10 PM

Anyone else kick on their heat yet?

ThomSjay 11-03-15 09:44 PM

We did a couple of weeks ago. So far, the day/evening setting is around 68-69 degrees F (20 C) if anyone is home. Overnight it is set lower by a couple of degrees.

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