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HugoW 03-01-18 06:38 AM

HugoW on a new project
Hi all,

As I am moving to a new house (new being relative, it's new for my family) and it needs some work, I am looking into nice energy saving options. Over here in the Netherlands the solar panels and controllers come quite cheaply (government subsidised) so I will fit some of those, not bother making my own or importing stuff from China.

Besides that electricity generating plan, I am looking for a plan to make natural gas for my central heating. Since that is rather difficult, I am now looking into making a heat pump, taking energy from the outside air and heating my tapwater and central heating with it. I already posted my first post about my plans in the Geothermal & Heat Pumps subforum.

With a badly insulated house from the '70s and a family with two small kids, I have no illusion I will ever become self supporting energy-wise. But I can probably cut the electric bill in half with the solar panels and if I can reduce the gas bill with some DIY project which takes many hours but few euros to complete, I think that is a nice option. And a fun project.



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