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Xringer 06-03-18 08:14 PM

Temperature or Humidity control with Sonoff TH16
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The dehumidifier was short cycling too much. The humidistat was cycling a bit too fast.

So, I went to Ebay and spent $16.41 on the 16 amp 90-230vac switch and the sensor.
The Humidity calibration is off.. Reads around 10% high. But it's usable.
Right now, it's cycling 9% between 47 & 56 percent RH in the basement. (per two sensors).
Using the built-in humidistat the cycle limit was 4 to 5 percent.
By using a 9% range, the off-on cycling is a lot less (at least with the current weather).
The run-time and power use might be starting to drop a little..?.

Anyways, the gadget works. You can also control heating or cooling hardware too, fans ACs, space heaters etc..

Plus, it can be used as a simple remote controlled relay using a phone or tablet app
with direct control or timer activated.
There is information online for reprogramming the Sonoff's chip to make it more versatile.
Video showing the set up. You push the tabs down, then insert the wires..

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