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beyondhope 01-15-20 11:38 AM

woter to water heat exchanger question
I have been watching for a while.
I am thinking of making a heat exchanger.
I would like to start small and move on from there.
I would like to heat my 3 ft crawl space.
approx 600 square feet.
our house is on an aluvial fan with high water table and natural flow down hill.
I am wondering what is the lowest temp that would be reasonable for this to work.
I plan on digging a hole and placing a thermometer in the water.
I can place pipes uphill and use it as a horizontal well to provide a water source.

my theory is to direct the water from an up hill source to a storage unit with 2 inch pipe.(approx 150 ft run)

build the heat exchanger to use the storage as a source.
this way I could control sediment in the supply.

It appears to me the most importent thing is to know if the water has enough temp to work.

any info is appreciated

jeff5may 01-15-20 08:08 PM

Welcome to the forums! Start a thread about it in the heat pump section. Tons of details to clarify and goals to identify in order to ensure success.

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