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vlada33 10-22-19 08:14 PM

Hello to everyone
My name is Vlada, and I'm from Europe, Balkan peninsula, Serbia.

I have few projects in this moment working on, isolation on house and more important for me (where I expact some help from all of you) heat pump. It's a 2 ton AC which I will convert to Air to water HP for this winter, and for next winter I expect that will be converted into ground source HP (direct expansion).

Well, that's for start... I will soon open a new thread about HP and show what's already done, and see what will be suggestions from your side...

Also, sorry if my English is not perfect...

Daox 10-24-19 11:58 AM

Welcome to the site Vlada. We would love to hear more about your projects.

WilliamJames 10-24-19 11:26 PM

Hello! I'm William james form dallas tx , i'm so glad to be part of this community.

vlada33 10-25-19 06:08 AM

Thanks Daox,

yes, I will show my projects in word and pictures also, I hope that I will learn something from your way to improve houses and maybe you can learn something from our way (European) about improving houses. Americans and European houses are way different, but reason for improving is the same, lower bills and help mother nature in this hard days for her.

Many improvements are already made, some of them are in progress and some will wait for spring and sun...

Freyali 11-30-19 10:40 AM

Hi everyone,

I'm Freyali,very new here.I'm feeling lucky to join this forum.I want more suggestions about my home from everyone,That's why i am here.

Thanks /

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