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NeilBlanchard 01-24-15 07:51 AM

At 3 / mile, $5,000 would be 166,666 miles. PER YEAR. I don't think that his EV's are eating up that much electricity.

ecomodded 01-24-15 07:51 PM

One car will come close to 3 cents a mile lets say 3.4 cents per mile as its a average , I have seen before and since this is my math I will use that number.

2 cars at 3.4 cents mile *combined* is 6.8 cents a mile which would allow them to of travel 73,529 miles , IF they had consumed all the electricity in their cars like you suggested , not me.

I stand by my earlier statement , that the cars could of consumed *a lot* of the savings.

NeilBlanchard 01-25-15 04:48 AM

Right, but the savings on gasoline would more than make up for that.

jeff5may 01-25-15 05:13 AM

Right you are. If the cars drove a combined 140 thousand miles and got 35 mpg average, that's 4000 gallons of gas! I would estimate the dollars saved somewhere in the range of ten thousand dollars! If that isn't substantial, I don't know what is.

pinballlooking 01-29-15 12:26 PM

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We just hit 1,500 gallons of gas saved.
That is just over $5,000 saved in just about two years.

If I did not have solar these miles would have cost $963 in electricity charges we are .10 KWH
The saving would have been $4,037 still very good.

I have only had to do one oil change so far so that also saves.

ecomodded 02-01-15 06:20 PM

With my car a VW diesel without trying cost me 5.5 cents per km to drive , or converted is 8.8 cents per us mile.

Pinball to compare , how much does the *average* Volt cost per mile combined fuels and using the current electric rate for your area.
It will help me understand the Volts economy if I can see the price per mile cost without solar and combined fuel costs.

A 50 -50 split for electric miles and gas miles for a average would be helpful to me as well.

Hope Im not asking to much , I will never figure it out myself. I'm still confused by the EV / e miles.

pinballlooking 02-02-15 11:44 AM

My graphic shows EV miles that is elect only.

Straight EV miles is @.03 a mile our power cost .10 kwh of course since we produce extra solar I make out a lot better.

I have gone about 7,000 gas miles and I got 35 MPG on gas. If I drove more gas miles I would get a little better on gas MPG. Some people are getting 40 MPG on gas miles. But when the motor does not run for very long. If you use it like we are you should expect about 35 like I am getting

we have used just about 200 gallons of gas since the care was new. my dealer bought 10 gallons so I have bought 190. for 39,265 miles.

Keep in mind we have only needed one oil change. that also saves money and the environment.

A 75 mile round trip would cost 1.20 elect and one gallon of gas.

We do two trips a day about 40-50 miles and charge in between the trips. sometimes we drive father so we just use more gas that day or get in a third charge.

ecomodded 02-02-15 02:20 PM

3 cents electric is good , about half what it costs to drive my exceptional frugal diesel beetle.

One day the American car companies will stop building motors to please the oil companies and start building motors to please the People. To me its obvious they build thirsty motors to please the oil companies , I expect they get payed or directed to do so.
35 mpg is something cars have been getting for 30 years and I think we all know they can do much better.

the consumers are getting screwed with that motor , the car needs a eco motor not the standard thirsty motor.

The Europeans must have different laws when it comes to business donations to elected officials as they seem to have much more freedom to build economical engines.

35 miles per gal is 10 cents a mile at 3.50 a gallon , divide that with 50% electric miles costs and it works out to 8 cents a mile. Which is not bad if you compare it to a standard gas sucking American car.

pinballlooking 02-02-15 02:26 PM

The new Volt 2.0 that will be released in the fall.
Will get 50 EV miles and 41 MPG combined. It will do a little better.

But since I have only used 200 gallons of gas in two years all my other miles are covered by solar power. I will be keeping my current Volt.

pinballlooking 02-11-15 10:04 AM

We have had our Volt two years now we drive it 20,000 miles a year. For a total of 40,000

Each year 16,500 miles are all electric EV solar powered miles and 3,500 are gas powered miles.

We have used 205 gallons of gas and the dealer provided 10 of those. So I bought 195 gallons of gas in two years to drive 40,000 miles one oil change was needed during this time.

82% EV for the two years.

Those are the numbers as I tell my kids it is fun to drive on the sun. :) 

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