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pinballlooking 01-12-15 11:21 AM

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The New redesigned Volt 2.0 was announced today.
50 EV miles and 41 MPG combined.
They say it will come in at a lower price also. Faster 0-30 and faster 0-60 times.
It no longer requires premium gas. All kinds of other upgrades.
2016 Chevy Volt arrives with 50-mile EV range, 41 mpg

I really like lot of the things they changed they worked with current Volt owners to see what they wanted changed. They really addressed most of what everybody wanted.
All that being said we will not be moving away from our current Volt. We have 31K solar powered EV miles and the car is doing great.

I think the first Volt was to see if they could do it and how it would work out in the wild. Now this version is for the masses.

Some pictures of the new two electric motors.

Daox 01-12-15 02:08 PM

I agree, the new Volt looks great, and the improvements made to it are very nice. I'll be looking forward to seeing what they do with it price wise.

pinballlooking 01-12-15 02:17 PM

They have not release pricing yet but the have said in the past 30K before tax credits was the target. That puts it @22,500 after 7,500 Fed tax credit unless you have state tax credits we have 2K on top of federal tax credit.

That would put it @20,500 for us in SC. some other states have bigger tax credits than we do.

There are a lot of Gen one Volts coming off lease this will reduce their value even more.
So a great deal on a Gen one Volt might be a good option also.

pinballlooking 01-13-15 12:04 AM

Can a Plug-in Hybrid Save you Money?

Try this “My Plug-in Hybrid Calculator”

PHEV Fuel Economy

It is very cool you can put detail information on your driving then switch between cars to see what one will save you money.

For people with solar you can enter 0 for the price of power and it will show your savings.

A video of the highlights
2016 Chevrolet Volt Preview: 2015 Detroit Auto Show - YouTube

pinballlooking 01-19-15 12:34 PM

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I am always posting my Volt numbers. Here is another 2013 Volts numbers.
This is what he wrote about it. He drives even more than we do.

"A tale of Mike and Danielle's Chevy Volt.. The hard numbers.

No its not 4,350 mpg.. Like some others..

But "153" mpg over 64k miles is not too shabby.

Saved 3,000 "gallons" of fuel vs GMC truck @ 17 mpg.. At average of $3.50 over that time equals $10,500.00 USD actual cash saved on fuel.

Shocked more people do not own this amazing car."

pinballlooking 01-22-15 02:53 PM

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A guy posted on face book this cool picture.
He says the
“turbine relatively disappointing, excepting massive rebate. 45' tower, windy location...puts out enough power to run a small refrigerator...The 60 solar panels I have ~ 10KWh have been keeping the energy (grid-connected) negative, to the tune of saving ~ 5K/yr.”

Good old CA high elect rates.
As you probably already know he has a Chevy Volt and a Tesla. (pictured)

ecomodded 01-22-15 10:33 PM

I like his organic Alarm system as well as his cars.. happy looking beast.

MarkM66 01-23-15 10:39 AM

$5k a year on electricity!!!!? What's he powering?

pinballlooking 01-23-15 11:21 AM

Yes I tried to get his rate info he said his rate was Rate 7 PGE I am not from CA so I don’t know how much that is. I also tried to find out how much he produced for last year. He did not share that info.

I have a 12.5 KW roof solar array and 2014 We made 19.5MWh depending on has rate his 10K array in CA could be saving lots of money. He makes wine at his place.

He shared his install cost.
“First install of 7+ KWh ground array, 44 200W panels was in the neighborhood of 55K, maybe 7 years ago. Second install of 16 240W roof mounted panels 30K+ about 3 years ago. The output of the 16 Sunpower panels is pretty close to the output of a single 22 Panel ground array.”

I am sure glad I did a self-install for $1.77 watt before tax credits and .76 watt after tax credits.
This price includes TED monitoring and every wire, clamp, glue fittings….
My install was only about two years ago solar has come way down in price.

ecomodded 01-23-15 12:04 PM

His cars would of consumed a lot of the 5k in electrical savings.

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