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Daox 05-16-14 03:38 PM

Thanks for clarifying. :)

pinballlooking 06-18-14 08:19 PM

I was reading the face book Q&A with a Chevy Volt engineer

here is the question to him

In testing the battery, how long do you think it will last past the 100,000 mile warranty?

Here is a quote from GM
“We have batteries under test at our battery lab in Warren, Mich. exceeding 200,000 miles. They are performing to our expectations – Bill”

This is great news.

We are at 22,495 EV miles and increasing.

65 EV miles today no gas usage just solar power.

jeff5may 06-19-14 04:09 AM

But is that 200,ooo simulated miles in six months, or 200k miles driven over 7 years? I'm still skeptical about the battery packs in the hybrids.

Daox 06-19-14 07:57 AM

The Volt is obviously a different beast, but I talked to a guy at hybridfest a few years back who had 350k miles on his first gen Prius with an original battery pack. That would have made his car nearly 10 years old and a crazy amount of miles on it. For those in the know, Toyota hybrids seem to have virtually no issues. Honda on the other hand hasn't been as lucky... IMO the Volt was very conservatively designed and will last a long time.

pinballlooking 06-19-14 09:38 AM

On Volt stats the most EV miles I see is 74,411.22
Volt Stats: Details for Volt #2011-00338 (Joe's Volt)
Chevy warranties the battery’s 8 Years/100,000 in CA it is 150,000 miles
This car has only been out sense 2011 so it will be a while for actual time and road miles.

But one thing is for sure Volt drivers are saving a lot of gas.
“Chevrolet Volt Drivers Cover Half a Billion EV Miles, Says GM”
25 million gallons in fuel savings for the U.S. alone.

Chevrolet Volt Drivers Cover Half a Billion EV Miles, Says GM

The mystery of the Chevy Volts that go more electric miles than Nissan Leafs

I think it has to do with range anxiety and with the volt you know the gas generator will just take over.
Yesterday I had 2 EV miles left when I got home on a 41 mile trip. if I did not have gas generator backup I would not cut it that close.

pinballlooking 07-20-14 08:26 PM

This is very cool news.

A recent survey found that 32 percent of electric vehicle (EV) owners in the western U.S. have solar panels on their homes.

This Is Why It Makes Sense to Pair Solar With Electric Vehicles : Greentech Media

pinballlooking 07-30-14 02:17 PM

Another good read

Need a New Car? Combining Solar Panels and Electric Cars Makes Perfect Financial Sense
Need a New Car? Combining Solar Panels and Electric Cars Makes Perfect Financial Sense | EnergySage

I am living this and if you install your solar yourself the numbers work out much better than what they have stated.

pinballlooking 08-13-14 12:55 PM

Is the best explanation on how the Volt operates I have seen to date.
Chevrolet Volt Drive Simulation - YouTube

Here is someone taking apart a Volt battery pack to be used to power another car.
Dissecting the Chevy Volt's electric drivetrain - YouTube
Same guy looking at the inverter.
2013 Chevy Volt Motor, Gearbox, Inverter - YouTube
I really hope I can use one of these battery packs to power my home someday.

pinballlooking 08-19-14 08:47 PM

You can tell school is back here. We drove 100 EV miles today and used 0 gas. luckily it was sunny so the solar covered the house and the car charging 2 times.

We are at 24,253 EV miles and increasing. Saving buying 1,130 gallons of gas so far.
Charging with Solar Power.

I will have to do my first oil change pretty soon we have 29,289 miles on the car and oil life is down to 10% remaining life left on the oil.

pinballlooking 08-26-14 07:08 PM

This is pretty cool they have 66,460.74EV miles and they posted they have no range loos at all so far this is good news.

We had 110 EV miles today this is about 2 3/4 charges with a total 24,709 EV miles. So far and no range difference.

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