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pinballlooking 06-16-16 03:43 PM

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Quick Volt update.
We now have over 54K solar powered EV miles on our volt. One oil change so far.
We are getting closer to the second oil change. I just ordered the oil filter today.
As you can see we just went over 68K total miles. That makes 13,746 dino power miles so far.
We are still enjoying our car and really love to drive solar powered miles.

Here are some others from the site (collected from OnStar users can not change the data at all)
Volt Stats! Tracking real world usage of Chevy Volts in the wild...
This is sorted most EV miles descending
Look the most total miles is 321,044.37 with 112,728.87 being EV miles.

My Volt is number 49 for the most EV miles and number 13 when you just look at 2013 volts.

gasstingy 06-20-16 07:35 AM

I test drove a 2013 Volt this weekend @ Carmax and was not as impressed as I was expecting, and I'm hoping you can tell me if what I think caused the issue is true or not. I took a low {28k} mileage Volt with no battery range whatsoever for a test drive and when I would give it a heavy dose of throttle, it would really lag while the engine sped up. It did fine in every other situation.

Does that sound right to you? If there is no battery range available then the responsiveness would be a bit slower than if the battery pack had range to offer?

My sister has a 2012 Volt and I remember it as being more responsive when I punched it.



pinballlooking 06-20-16 09:43 AM

Such a disservice to let you drive it without a full charge. See if the will charge it up and try it again.

It not as responsive a low speeds when it does not have a charge. When it is charged it is very responsive try sport mode very fun.
Most of the time you drive the car it will have a charge. At highway speeds you will not notice much difference running on gas or EV.

I drove home from Lake Hartwell yesterday. It is about 55 miles 1/4 interstate. I used the hold feature on the interstate. I had 45 EV miles 10 miles on gas and used .24 gallons of gas. I drove 70-74 mph on the interstate.

The only real change between the 2012- 2013 is the a little bigger battery and the hold feature. Other than these changes it performs the same. I had a 2012 for a weekend before I bought mime. but I wanted the bigger battery and the hold feature.

pinballlooking 06-28-16 11:21 AM

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I have had my Chevy Volt long enough to see some trends.
We consistently drive about 20% gas and 80% EV driving.
We have 54,732 EV miles and 68,602 total miles.
Now that my oldest boy is doing sports we are driving even more than were before. Three days a week over the summer he has to go to school.

pinballlooking 07-12-16 09:11 AM

When I talk to people about the Volt people always ask me at what speed does the motor kick in when you are accelerating hard. When you have EV miles left the motor does not kick in.

This describes why other EV plug-ins are not like the Volt except the BMW I3 EV with REX.

Why Can't Other Plug-In Hybrids Copy Chevy Volt's All-Electric Running?

The Volt was the first car to work this way and BMW I3 the second but hopefully more cars will be made to work just like the Volt.

This compares the Volt and the BMW I3 EV

gasstingy 07-12-16 09:28 AM

It would be GREAT to see a reasonably priced Voltec type drive in a light duty pickup truck, with enough battery to drive it unladen for 50 miles. That would take a noticeably larger battery-pack given the lousy aero of any pickup.

We drive our Silverado less than 3k miles annually and I still feel guilty/annoyed when I'm driving it knowing that my fuel economy is in the teens. But, when you need a truck.....

pinballlooking 07-12-16 09:40 AM

I think a 50 EV mile truck would be a huge seller. I want to see a small SUV like the size Honda CRV with the 50 mile range and motor like the Volt.

pinballlooking 07-18-16 11:58 AM

PLUG1N on Volt stats has 99,426.78 EV miles.
Volt Stats: Details for Volt #2012-10318 (PLUG1N)

I have 55,305 EV miles so I sent “PLUG1N” an email to see if he has lost any range at almost double EV miles than my car.
His Volt is a 2011 and he has not lost any range yet. This is great news for Volt users and used Volt buyers.

A side note “sparkie” has 329,392.16 total miles with 115,386.27 EV miles. That is a lot of miles on a 2011 car.

imgreen 07-18-16 07:09 PM

I am waiting for the new Prius van or truck configuration. They say two more years. I really do not need a car as I'm a working man with endless projects.:D

pinballlooking 08-10-16 10:21 AM

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GM Just Sold Its 100,000th Chevy Volt.
GM Just Sold Its 100,000th Chevy Volt - Fortune
My 2013 Volt keeps racking up the solar powered miles.

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