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pinballlooking 08-12-20 01:35 PM


Originally Posted by where2 (Post 62968)
Your comment isn't as odd as it may seem on the surface. I spend my weeks sitting behind a PC pushing a mouse creating digital design projects, but I find doing tangible hands-on projects on the weekend much more fulfilling. My most recent weekend accomplishments have been a collection of 2-cycle engines. Whether it's fixing the 20" chainsaw I picked up for $10, or the 2-cycle string trimmer my neighbor tossed on the swale for the trash collectors... Rebuilding a mini-carburetor and replacing a few fuel lines to get a small engine running is a skill that some will never master. Meanwhile, I have two running string trimmers and two chainsaws for every property we own... Then there were the two generators my neighbors tossed out for the scrap guys. One had a blown generator head. I took the Robin (Subaru) engine from one, and installed the 5KW generator head from the other. Then, I dialed in the frequency to 60Hz using my Kill-A-Watt... I also managed to resurrect the Briggs & Stratton engine from the donor generator, which I will likely gift to a friend to repair his mom's generator.

Next weekend project will be pulling the hydraulic leveling jacks off the RV frame to have the seals replaced.

Cool projects. I love saving stuff from the scrap yard. Those Subaru motors are good motors.
You could probably sell the copper from the bad head.

My son is starting collage and the tractor accessory's are slowing a little and my other work is really picking up. I guess it is all working out.

mk1st 10-26-20 04:25 PM

Very nice!

pinballlooking 01-29-21 11:21 AM

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Here is what it looks like when you have a bad microinverter. This is why I like microinverters. The rest of the array keeps making power. Enphase has made it so you do not have even call in.

I highlighted the top left where you click to fill a claim. I did this and they approved sending me a new one.
I keep a spare on hand so once they have shipped my new one I will just swap it out.

2/1/2021 I just got a tracking number from enphase they shipped out my replacement microinverter.

mab 05-13-21 05:34 PM

Does anyone know if there is a path for battery backup when using Enphase M215 micro inverters?

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