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pinballlooking 11-09-15 09:56 AM

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Oct is done and my 12.5Kw array made 1.348 Mwh that is $134 here.
Last Oct 2014 we made 1,668 KWh

We delivered to the grid 879 KWh
We used from the grid 857 Kwh
We banked 22 KWh
Now we have 3,176 Kwh banked for the winter to heat with.

We have had a lot of rain.
This month has been our worst start of a month. When I think about off grid I need to look at this crazy month I would need way too much storage.
We have 44,094 solar powered EV miles on our Volt. That would also make it harder to go off grid. For now I am happy using the grid as my battery.

Other solar guys show us your numbers for Oct.

where2 11-09-15 06:04 PM


Originally Posted by pinballlooking (Post 47875)
Other solar guys show us your numbers for Oct.

October 2015, my 4.4kW array generated 452kWh. 2014, same array collected 511kWh in October.

gasstingy 11-10-15 10:22 AM


Originally Posted by pinballlooking (Post 47875)
Other solar guys show us your numbers for Oct.

For the calendar month, for both the little array {1050w} and the big array {5760w} we came in at 801 kWh.

November is the first of our awful for solar winter months. After the first 9 days, only 69 kWh :(

pinballlooking 11-10-15 02:44 PM

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I just took my first flight on my new drone phantom 3 advanced. My sweet wife bought this for my birthday a week ago and it just got here yesterday.

Daox 11-11-15 09:48 AM

Hah, that is very cool! Now we need some shots of the greenhouse. :)

pinballlooking 11-12-15 10:16 AM

Savings are strange to calculate it is a little like compound interest.

If I only take in account electric savings then my array has paid for its self.

But the array has covered charging our Chevy Volt for 44K EV miles.
Gas savings are larger than the electric savings.

I also have natural gas savings because we use mini splits to heat with now.
So my array covers the power to heat with now.

Anyway we are very thank full for the power we have been able to produce and the lifestyle changes it has made on us.

gasstingy 11-13-15 01:17 PM

Well said! :thumbup:

Right there with you on being thankful for being able to afford the solar array, energy efficiency improvements as well as a mindset that allows me to, once in a while, think outside of the tiny box I am used to.

pinballlooking 12-01-15 08:25 AM

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We did not have a very good solar month. 955Kwh for a 12.5 Kw array.
We missed the estimate by 145 Kwh and we used about 413 Kwh more than we made.
That will put our banked solar to about 2,763. Kwh
We drove our car more this month. School play practice for my youngest son.
Twelve days of rain did not help at all.

This is our last 20 months for our billed usage. The one month we used power was when we were zeroed out and we had company. 110 Kwh or $11 for 20 months is not too bad. We also power our car from this for 45,000 EV miles.

Other solar installs show us your numbers.

where2 12-01-15 09:06 PM

4.4kW array = 415kWh in November.
However, the yard looks good from all the rain and the fertilizer.

gasstingy 12-02-15 11:08 AM

6.81kW arrays, 610 kWh for November, with lots of dreary weather.

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