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S-F 07-20-11 02:07 PM


Originally Posted by gasstingy (Post 14728)
I'm liking the project. Ditto on the serious interest in the spray foaming.

I have to insulate after I do some interior wall framing and wiring. Spray foaming is my intention as we did it when we built our house nine years ago and we've been reaping the benefits ever since.

Be nice to know how hard it is to do and what the cost per square foot of wall space. Of course, how deep your cavity is too.

Well I'm going to be foaming later today so hopefully the pictures will be up tonight.
It's really not that hard. You just need to make sure the tanks are warm enough and shaken up a bit. Like I said earlier, I have never used the 600 board foot kits before but I have certainly used the 200 board foot kits. I hear it's harder to get every last bit out of them. Oddly enough the 600' kits costs as much as 2 x 200' kits. Remember when you're spraying to not go longer than 15 seconds before giving a squirt or you need to replace the tip. You only have a dozen or so tips in the kit but you can order more if you want. Last time I did this We managed to get through an entire 200' kit only using one nozzle. We just kept a trash can near by and gave a squirt from time to time. Remember to start counting as soon as you take your finger off the trigger. Also you can only spray a couple inches of thickness at a time so you need to make a couple passes.
Oh yea, and a 200 board foot kit covers (theoretically) 200' x 12" x 12" x 1".... a board foot. YMMV.

S-F 07-20-11 05:16 PM

OK. All those eager for foaming picture.... behold:

Connecting the hoses to the tanks.

Budding young ecorenovator Jad the Millenarian. He is attached to the point of distraction to all things construction, building or tool related.

That's about it. It's pretty simple. It doesn't take a Rhodes scholar to do but it is DOG work. I just camped out in an area foaming bays a little at a time and then going back for a second coat. Once I had made it all the way around I did another pass along the entire perimeter. And I did the whole thing with only one nozzle!
Man this stuff is nasty! I'm glad I've got it over with. Cellulose is a MUCH nice product to work with. Ironically it's also a much nicer product to live with.

Daox 07-20-11 06:28 PM

What brand foam did you use? Where did you get it from?

S-F 07-20-11 06:37 PM

Tiger foam. Got it from them. They're based out of NJ so it's only 1 day to ship to me. Also with the contractor's discount the stuff is a lot cheaper than any of the lumber yards out here sell it for.

One thing I forgot to mention: I had the tanks in a closet with 3 x 75 watt light bulbs shining for 3 or 4 days to warm them up. They need to be warm all the way though, not just to the touch. I put them in there, clamped the lights on and then piled polyiso scraps on top. As a result of good heating and shaking I got almost everything out of the tanks.

gasstingy 07-21-11 06:53 AM

Very nice. I noticed you took the very sensible precaution of gloves. I'm sure it's as gooey as Great Stuff foam, so it would be a chore to get off.

Thanks for posting the pictures.

S-F 07-22-11 02:57 PM

Faugh! I've spent all afternoon putting up unfaced bats (you can't use any kind of vapor barrier in a basement application, even kraft faces) and putting up sheet rock. It had remained cool down there until I spray faomed. I had to open up all the windows and put fans in the door ways. The temperature went up to about 95. Now it's NEVER going to cool off down there! It's about 10 degrees hotter down there than it is upstairs! I moved a huge pile of polyiso sheets to a different location so I could work and the floor under them seemed cold in comparison. When the boiler fires up I can't even hear it but I know because of the massive heat radiating from it. Man! I'm going to have to put fans in again tomorrow morning at about 4 AM to cool it off. Insulation is great but the door swings both ways.

Pictures to follow soon.

S-F 07-24-11 07:16 PM

Lane took his wife and four children and went home so I'm flying solo. Working with two people is more than 2x as fast as one! Been hanging Sheetrock since about 7 AM yesterday with only a break to sleep.

Unfaced bats only in basements. there has to be maximum drying to the interior.

I'd say I'm about 3/4 done.

Drywall id my least favorite part of the job. Unfortunately it's really the only part people will see. I'm not too good with finish work.I usually sub out this garbage. But when it's your house and every penny counts you do it yourself.

Daox 08-04-11 09:07 AM

Hows this coming?

S-F 08-04-11 11:16 AM

Uhhh. Just trying to finish up the drywall. I'm not too good at that. I can do it and I can make it look good but I'm pretty slow. I've got it all hung and am in the mud/tape phase. Then I have to fasten the sub floor to the slab. I took a leap and did something I've never done before. I just laid the sub floor down on the foam boards. Usually I'd put sleepers down before the sub floor. I was hoping since I used really heavy duty subfloor (3/4' Advantech) that all would be well. I thought it would just kind of float. Well some of it has bowed and the Tapcon screws I was using can't pull the bowed boards down. So I have to drill huge holed through those sheets into the slab, epoxy lengths of threaded rod in and then bolt the boards down. That will happen as soon as I'm done with the walls. I've enlisted the help of a friend who;s a lot better with drywall so I hope to be done with that by the beginning of next week. So the basement still isn't done which means my entire family is 1/2 moved in to this house which is driving me bananas. Just last night I finally got my projector mounted. In my old living room I just kept it on a shelf. My new living room is too long so the picture was way too big for my screen. I had to run a cable through walls and to the attic and I had to put an outlet on the ceiling to accommodate a ceiling mounted projector. Took me hours but now it's all done. I watched a movie the other night for the first time in a month and a half.

Daox 08-04-11 11:32 AM

I've only done a tiny amount of drywall, and that was enough. I'm really not looking forward to doing it when we gut the upstairs to insulate... At the least I hope I got semi-good/fast after doing 4 bedrooms.

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