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AC_Hacker 05-13-13 10:49 AM

Hi Daox,

Any updates on the solar collector project?



Daox 05-13-13 12:56 PM

Sadly no, no progress. Life has gotten in the way as have a few other projects...

AC_Hacker 05-13-13 01:37 PM


Originally Posted by Daox (Post 29847)
Sadly no, no progress. Life has gotten in the way as have a few other projects...

I totally understand.


Daox 10-20-20 08:07 AM

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Alright, lets fast forward 8 years! I basically haven't done anything with this project. So, this is what the solar panel rack looked like earlier this week:

So, I got some friends and family together to help out and after about 7 hours of work it now looks like this:

So, I am indeed working on this project again. I would love to get the panels up yet this year and then start working inside on things as it cools off (which it already has). With the rack cleared, refurbishing the panels is the next step.

Mikesolar 10-20-20 08:28 AM

There is no time like the present....or future, LOL

bennelson 10-20-20 05:17 PM

Glad to see this project continuing!

I'd love to come out and shoot some video when the panels get mounted!

PS: I got a bunch of Evacuated Tubes now! Up for grabs for a project!
I think it's 50 tubes with manifolds for 40.

Daox 10-23-20 11:41 AM

Sounds good Ben. I look forward to having it done haha!

gasstingy 10-27-20 04:22 PM

I feel your pain about life happening and projects being delayed. I have been working off and on since 2005 on my never-ending garage workshop project. There's been a little table saw versus my left hand mishap (blessed to still have all my digits), then a back injury with some cracked ribs for good measure. You know, the typical stuff. :o

If I squint and look just right, I can see the finish line off in the distance. It would be funnier if it weren't so true.

MetroMPG 10-29-20 03:10 PM

I think I started a thread here many years ago about a big exciting project I had just started... it's still not finished. Not even close!

No pressure. It'll get done when it gets done.

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