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SVOboy 09-13-08 11:38 AM

Support to have ads removed and support EcoRenovator
Please consider contributing to to help offset expenses and support continued growth.

You may have noticed that some members have little stars by their names. That usually means they're contributing members. Here's what the stars mean, and how you can get one: Blue Star members help offset the costs of running with contributions of $50 or more. For their support, they have ads removed from their accounts. Red Star members support the site with contributions from $20 to $49. They recieve our genuine thanks and have ads removed from their accounts.
Please include your user name in the notes.

If you prefer an old-fashioned turtle mail transaction, contact Daox for a mailing address. Green Star members are admins/moderators. You can address them with questions, concerns, and suggestions about the site.

SVOboy 09-13-08 12:03 PM


toyobug 10-07-08 11:05 AM

are there other ways of payment besides paypal?
Can I send one payment here that will be considered a contribution to both Ecorenovator and Ecomodder?

SVOboy 10-07-08 02:48 PM

You could send me a check, if you want. Contact me via PM and I will tell you my address and such.


Robaroni 08-16-13 07:06 PM

Your email shows "not accepting" when I tried to donate on two occasions.

Daox 09-05-13 01:45 PM

Thanks for letting us know Rob. We're working on it now.

Daox 09-05-13 02:11 PM

I added a donation button to the first post. :) Feel free to give it a shot.

pinballlooking 03-19-14 02:12 PM

Quick question I donated and I don’t see ads when I login with IE. But when l use my android phone and login I still see ads? That is the one with the lest amount of space so it would be desirable to not have ads on it.

Daox 03-19-14 03:11 PM

Thanks for letting us know. We'll look into it.

MEMPHIS91 10-03-15 08:50 AM

What are the upgraded features for the blue star?

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