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pinballlooking 08-08-20 12:24 PM

I bought a used old pallet stacker.
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It is 12v for the lifting it is rated for 2,000 pounds. The guy told me it lifted 65” but it lifts 106”

I bought a deep cycle battery as Sams club the biggest one they had 60 pounds.

In May he was selling it for $450 then he dropped it to $250 I made a offer and he told me someone was coming to buy it.

They did not buy it because it had a leak.

Thursday I message to see if he fixed it he said he did not have the time.
I offered $100 as is for it. He said come and get it.

He told me it was leaking but I tightened the bottom connection and it is not leaking anymore.
I needed to oil things up and I will change the hydraulic fluid but it is working great.

I got some pallet racking to store plate steel on and I plan on using this to load my table.
I can move my table against the wall to gain more room in my shop.
The thing is old it is a Regal but Presto Lifts bought them out in 2002

pinballlooking 08-09-20 06:30 PM

I used this to load my table yesterday. It works great you can really have fine control.

I will need to move my table to the center against the wall. It gets so high it could easily hit the garage door.

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