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pinballlooking 03-27-17 10:00 AM

I bought a Chinese plasma cutter 50Amp 120/240 Volt.
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I have wanted a plasma cutter but I will not use it very often. I just can’t justify the cost of a nice USA made cutter.
My brother has had good luck with his Chinese plasma cutter. I thought I would try to get one.

I picked one out on ebay user dmssgs sells many a couple a day starting at .01


I used snipping software that puts bid in the last couple seconds of the auction. You can group bid so when you win one it will cancel all other bids.
It took me 5 weeks and over 228 bids I won it for 166.39 and 34.99 shipping $201.38

I did not mind waiting for a good deal this was a want not a need.

You can look what they sold for here. range is about $156-$250 plus shipping.

This one on ebay had the most supplies and more things you need to get it running. I also wanted the psi gauge on the front and a heavy duty grounding clamp.

I hope it works out well. I will report back my thoughts.
I won it last night and they shipped it today Mon I get it Wednesday. Nice...

Daox 03-27-17 11:00 AM

I've thought about trying those a few times. I've never really had a specific use for it though, so never picked one up. I look forward to hearing how it works though.

pinballlooking 03-27-17 11:14 AM

Down the road I want to build a small storm shelter in my grange. There is a container company that cuts up shipping containers for all kinds of things. I might just buy framing and side pieces they have cut off. Then I will weld up the shelter. This will be bolted to my cement floor. Just a small room to ride out the storm in.

This tool and my welder will be the go to tools for this project.

oil pan 4 03-27-17 01:36 PM

The main complaint with the Chinese plasma knock offs is when they quit working you can't get parts for them.
Some times you can't get consumables for them.
I also hear they use a lot of air compared to a miller or hypertherm.
How much air compressor capacity do you have?

I just have a miller spectrum 625 I bought back in 2004.

pinballlooking 03-27-17 01:49 PM

"I just have a miller spectrum 625 I bought back in 2004."
That is a much nicer plasma cutter than what I bought.

This one takes cut 50 consumables.
311716842267 | eBay

I did check I could that I could get consumables before deciding on this one. Getting parts does concern me I hope I have as good luck as my brother has had.

I have looked on Clist for a long time for a cheap used USA made one with no luck. I do believe it is a gamble getting this one. I did not take that gamble on my welder because I knew I would use it a fair amount. I bought the Hobart 140 handler I have been happy with it.

But for $200 I will give this one a chance.

I have a small pancake compressor 120 150 psi. But I also have a bigger 240 compressor that can handle a good load.

oil pan 4 03-27-17 04:45 PM

It takes about 3 to 4 horsepower of air power to run mine.
My 5hp gasoline driven easily provides enough air. My old 2pole 2.5hp compressor that runs at about 3 to 3.25 horsepower could just keep up with it.
But I run mine hard, I have toasted a new electrode and nozzle on just one cut before, I should have used the acetylene torch on that one but wanted to see if the plasma could cut it.

pinballlooking 03-27-17 05:03 PM

I just checked my 240 Volt compressor is 6.5 HP 30 gallon.
Very strange it does not say how much CFM it needs.

jeff5may 03-28-17 07:32 AM

I would not try to cut anything over about 3/8 inch thick with that unit. The thing might be tough enough to get the job done slowly, but it's really easy to try to make plasma cutters​ work too hard. Before you know it, you burn an electrode and/or nozzle up, or get flashing lights on the box. Then it's too late. On thicker material, an oxyfuel cutting torch is faster anyway.

For sheet metal and thin plate, plasma cutters ​rule. They cut better than a jigsaw and faster as well. Very little grinding or sanding is needed after the fact. No extinguishing or restriking like a gas torch. Just pick it up, do what you need to, and set it down. For complex patterns or fabrication of many parts, they​ really speed up your day.

pinballlooking 03-28-17 07:39 AM

My welder can only weld so no big deal. Most of what I cut is 1/8 or smaller.
My brother has cut thicker stuff with his but just small pieces. He has a bigger welder than I have.
I have a small HF oxyfuel cutting torch also if needed

oil pan 4 03-31-17 02:22 AM

What is that 6.5hp compressor like?
Do you know if it's a 2 pole motor and have you ever connected am amp meter to it to see what the startup inrush looks like?

pinballlooking 03-31-17 10:31 AM

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This is what my compressor looks like I have had it for many years.
It is very loud running.
I have never tested the current usage.

pinballlooking 05-09-19 12:13 PM

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I would like to come back to this post. It has been about two years I have had this plasma cutter. I have done a lot more welding projects since then. I have a bigger welder now a Hobart 210.
Unless you are cutting a lot of thin stuff, I would not buy this cutter. It did do a pretty good job cutting the hinges off my tractor bucket.
The cuts are not very clean you have to do to much work getting the steel ready to use. It is just much simpler to cut the steel another way. I have many ways to cut thin steel.
The steel I have issues cutting is and 5/8. This cutter cannot handle steel this thick.
I am actually trying to sell this cutter right now.

I hope to cut clean enough holes to make them useful. Good hole saws are expensive.

I just ordered a new plasma cutter Cutmaster 60i 25% off sale helped and rebate helped. This should cut the things I want to weld.
From the videos I have watched it looks like you can cut clean enough to use the steel without much cleanup.

The Cutmaster 60i specs.
"Up to 3/4 in. (20 mm) recommended cut capacity with maximum sever of 1-1/2 in. (38 mm) and 3/4 in. (20 mm) pierce capability"

Daox 05-10-19 09:02 PM

Thanks for the follow up!

pinballlooking 05-11-19 05:23 PM

I just sold my old Plasma cutter for $225.
Not to bad I had it for two years paid $201.38 shipped and sold it for $225.

That is why it was worth waiting for a good deal for this cutter.

Now I can use this money to help pay for my new cutter.

pinballlooking 05-13-19 03:05 PM

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I know this is not comparing apples to apples but here is my first cut with my new plasma cutter.
I cut the same steel the guy that bought my old one had tested it on yesterday.

Top left 1/2" top right 1/8" steel. Botton is 3/8"

I need practice I am not very smooth but I am very happy with the speed and ease this cutting went.

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