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ER Blogger 02-04-13 05:12 AM

Chicken Coop Built From Old Pallets
What would you do if you had a bunch of old pallets laying around? The answers would differ from person to person. Some might make neat bookshelves out of them while others might burn them to keep warm, still others might use them to make a composting area. However, forum user Acuario [...]Post from:

Chicken Coop Built From Old Pallets


NeilBlanchard 02-04-13 09:18 AM

Taking old pallets apart is the hardest part of reusing them - the ones I have are fastened with rusting ringshank nails. I broke way more than half of the slats trying to take them apart, and it is not a trivial amount of physical effort.

vmike 02-04-13 01:33 PM

I use a saws-all with a good wrecking blade and cut the nails. The pallets come apart quickly and intact.


NeilBlanchard 02-04-13 02:33 PM

Yep, having the right tool for the job always helps! I was using a flat bar and hammer and cat's paw, and ended up making a hash of it.

creeky 02-10-13 01:06 PM

the sawzall trick is a good tip for lifting old decking too. I turn the boards around and pop the 1/2 nails out. amazing how much good cedar you can recover from an old deck with a bit of sanding/planing.

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